Chapter 4

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-Leonora's POV-

-Flash Back-

When I saw the stranger look at me I could tell he was the leader. I made it my mission to learn the names in his group.

I went to the library where they had all of their yearbooks and I checked out last years. I learned that the leaders name is Scott McCall and then I went through and saw Isaac Lahey, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, and Allison Argent. I'm pretty sure that's all if them but you have to expect the unexpected, that's why I'm not going to trust anyone.

I realized that Allison's last name Argent looked familiar, I knew exactly who to call.

"Hey Alaric, so there's this person with the last name Argent it could be a coincidence but..."

I hear him take a deep breath "Yeah I'm pretty sure that's not a coincidence. I ran into them once when I was hunting a rabid vampire. Leonora, these people are ruthless and kill werewolves without a second thought, promise me you and Stefan will stay out of trouble."

I rolled my eyes "We will certainly try and don't worry me and Stefan know how to fight." We say our goodbyes and I hang up.

-End of Flash Back-

Me and Stefan walk to the feild, Coach gives him some gear and he goes and puts it on in the locker room leaving me there with a bunch of jocks and their girlfriends in the stands.

I hear someone sit next to me, I look up to see the one and only Stiles Stilinski.

I smile while taking a deep breath, huh he's human, I wonder why a human is  doing a werewolves job.

He sticks his hand out "I'm Stiles Stilinski."

I shook his hand which made his heart skip a beat but then go back to normal "Leonora Salvatore, do you play lacrosse?"

He gulped, who does he think I am a serial killer or something?

"Ye- yeah" he stuttered, oh great now I have to calm him down.

"That's cool, I just convinced my brother to play I think he'll be great."

I put my hands in my pocket and lean back, I'm sure Scott was watching or listening to us.

For a second I almost forgot Stiles was there "So what brings you to Beacon Hills?"

Yup this is definitely a set up "Heartbreak." He gives me a sympathy smile "No! No! Not me my brother."

His face went back to normal, he was about to say something else but I saw Stefan running into the field.

"You got this Stefan!" He gave me a quick smile and then Stiles went to sit at the teams bench.

Stefan was put as goalie first and obviously not a single ball went into the net. He was playing now on the field when all of a sudden a player knocked him down "Ooo shake it off Stefan!"

He gets back up and I notice the player who basically tackled him was Scott, I let out an angry sigh and sit back down.

After about forty minutes Coach yells "Salvatore your on the team!" I jump up and clap. "But when we get a new member they pick up the equipment, so get to work."

I hear Stefan sigh as everyone gets off the field. "Here I'll help you," I said.

Picking up equipment we started talking "Isn't this exciting? You made the team now we just need some friends to finish off the school year like normal people!"

He laughs and says "I don't think we will ever be mistaken as normal." Right then the lights turn off.

"That was weird, maybe they're having electrical problems" I proposed.

The lights turn back on but a group of people start walking towards us, Scotts group.

Oh great someone might get hurt "We know you're different" Stiles pointed out.

Stefan was not happy, "How so? We've only been here less than a week."

Scott walks up to Stefan and his eyes glow red, I walk up to him to pull him back but two people are holding my arms so I can't run to him.

I turn to see the twins whose eyes both turned a different color, I start struggling but the hardened their grip.

Scott turns into a wolf like creature with long claws and different face, he pins Stefan to the ground.

Oh no that's it I'm done. I turn to the twins, I could feel the dark veins under my eyes "Hasn't your mother told you, never touch a vampire." I use my speed to grab their heads and hit them together.

I turn around right when an arrow is shot at me and grab it right before it hits my chest, then smile devilishly.

I walk towards Scott "Please get off my brother."

He walks backwards and I pull Stefan up and he says "We are not your enemies, I know you don't trust us now but you will. Also if you hurt one of us.... expect hell." With that we turned around and walked to the car.

-Scotts POV-

Stiles keeps pacing back and forth "This is not good, no not good at all."

Lydia basically starts yelling at us "Did you not listen to me?! I told you they weren't a threat! Now look what you did we're all going to be dead." She was on the verge of tears before Allison calmed her down.

Isaac started speaking "They are vampires! This gives us a new perspective!"

Stiles is still pacing "Scott what do you think?"

I sigh "Honestly I say let's give them a chance, it looks like they could have killed us if they wanted to but didn't. Stiles you should probably look up methods to hurt them or kill them just in case."

We all heard the twins groan and stand up Aiden started talking "We should attack now did you see the girls face?! Under her eyes were black veins! We should attack now while they're at their homes and while we have the upper hand."

His twin didn't seem to agree but Lydia was the one to talk or really scream "ARE YOU CRAZY?! WE ATTACKED THEM! SHE WAS JUST PROTECTING HER BROTHER!" Allison had to calm her down again.

"We will come back to this tomorrow," I look at the twins "We are not attacking until they give us a reason to attack, for now we have to make them our friends."

Wowwww Leonora is a baddie right? I felt powerful just writing this.

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