Chapter 19

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It's been a while since Allison and Adien passed. Isaac and Ethan left leaving another big hole in the group. Stefan left and it hurt very bad but I know he needs time to heal, after all he was closer to Damon then I was. I stayed partly because I would miss my friends and I have nothing else to do.

Everyone is still healing and I haven't felt anything. At first I thought my switch was off but I still feel pain, sadness, remorse, and anger, lots of anger. My emotions were all over the place I would get sad or mad at the smallest things, I had no control and it felt like I was drowning.

The thing is I don't show anyone how my emotions are controlling me I just make a lame excuse and go to the woods outside my house. I usually scream, throw rocks, punch trees, or sometimes I break down and cry, then I simply calm myself and walk back like nothing happened.

It's becoming a really bad habit, but good thing we're in Mexico. During all the chaos Derek somehow got himself kidnapped.

We are currently waiting for Stiles and Lydia who are negotiating with a family of hunters called the Calaveras, we have 50,000 dollars for Dereks freedom. We are all keeping watch just in case they need help, Malia is dancing, Kira is sitting down, Scott is just standing in a corner, and I'm drinking a Shirley Temple while trying to tie the Cherry's stem with my tongue.

I notice people walking around with walkie-talkies and I signal to Kira, once she understands she goes to tell Malia. I go to Scott and he already took out one of the guards, he then picks up one of the walkie-talkies "Take 10,000 off the table." He looks at me and I nod.

We hear a commotion and go to the dance floor to see Kira and Malia both fighting hunters, a hunter tried to come up behind Malia but I sped over and knocked him unconscious.

We all start walking down a hall when smoke started filling the hallway blocking my vision. It must have been wolfsbane because I hear Scott and Malia cough and fall then I hear a thump and see Kira on the ground. Someone came up and electrocuted me with something and I fell down and passed out.

I get woken up by Stiles who is shaking me awake. I look around and find Kira, Malia, and Scott we're in some type of nasty bathroom.

They tell me that the Calaveras don't have Derek but the leader Araya took Lydia. We we're talking about breaking out but that means we would have to leave Lydia behind.

"Is that what you would do as a coyote? Leave her for dead?" Kira snaps.

Malia shrugs and says "If she was weak and injured, yeah. If hunting had been bad that season, I would eat her. Then leave her."

We all look at her like she's crazy but I don't blame her she was coyote for years.

Stiles tries to reassure us and said "Believe it or not, that's progress." I start snickering, everyone turns to look at me and they all give me a what the heck look except for Malia who was trying to hide her smile.

A while later people came in and took me, Scott, and Kira. They took us to a room where Lydia was tied down to a chair. They then continued to tie me and Scott down as well.

They told us that Kira has to either shock me, Scott or Lydia. Scott looked at me and told Kira to shock him and only him.

Araya told us that we know who took Derek but we all denied that we knew. She made Kira shock Scott and his scream was heartbreaking.

They continued to yell and shock Scott while I tried to wiggle out of the chains. Araya turns the power up and Scott then breaks out of the chains that were holding him, he says "Kate."

I don't know who that was but when he said her name there was nothing but hate in his look.

The Calaveras let us go and Araya talks to Scott. She gives me one last questioning glance, she must have not known what I was and I would like to keep it that way.

Suddenly a girl on a motorcycle showed up and everyone seems to know her and trust her. We hop in Stiles jeep and follow the girl named Braeden. Lydia and Stiles explained to me, Kira, and Malia that Kate was Allison's aunt and supposedly died.

After a couple of hours Stiles jeep broke down. Scott pulls me aside and tells me he has to go with Braedan. "Just be careful okay? We can't lose you too." I said with a faint smile. He engulfed me in a bear hug and for the first time in a while I felt safe. Scott goes with Braedan leaving me with Stiles, Kira, Malia, and Lydia.

Stiles has been working on the Jeep for a while, to be honest I don't know if he knows how to fix it. Lydia continues to bicker with Stiles. I'm behind the Jeep, Malia is in the front, and Kira is patrolling the sides.

We ask Malia if she can see anything, she said she can't, Kira grabbed her sword and used the reflection to help her.

Malia growls and runs after something. "Stay with them" I said to Kira and she puts her sword infront of her.

I ran after Malia, it was very foggy and I could barely see a thing, but I could hear and whatever was out here sounded loud.

I bared my teeth and looked around ready for whatever came. I hear someone run up to me, I was about to fight but I realized it was Malia.

I could smell blood and looked at Malia who was in pain, I sped us over to the Jeep. We get in the car that Stiles got working again, he also gave Malia a lecture. She told us the monster had a strong scent.

We drive for a while until we reach the church we see Scott and Braedan holding a kid that seems to be our age. Stiles stumbles out if the car and we all follow him. I stare at the kid how could that be Derek?

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