Chapter 20

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We drove back to Beacon Hills. Derek was in and out of consciousness and one time when he woke up he saw me drinking out of a blood bag, he passed out again. I haven't had blood in a while I've been eating a lot of junk food to subdue the cravings. We dropped Malia and Kira off and we are driving to the animal clinic. We lay young Derek on the table and Deaton starts examinating him. Deaton says he has no clue on what happened. The vet tells us to go home and Lydia decided to stay. We walk out of the small building, I check my phone and its 3:26. Before we went to Mexico me Stiles, Scott, and Malia were studying at Scotts house. "Scott I think I left my notebook at your house." I say, I'm already behind and don't want to go down any further. Stiles says that he left everything there too. Scott says we can go get it so we go into the jeep and drive to his house. Once we get to his house we open the door trying to be as quiet as we can. His dad is sleeping on the couch slightly snoring. We walk further into the house until Scott trips on a toolbox and falls down and Stiles who was behind him falls as well. I froze looking at Mr. McCall who's eyes were wide open, Scott jumps up right away but it takes Stiles a minute because he was thrashing around. I sigh, I grab his arm and pull him up. Scott starts talking to his dad and me and Stiles walk up stairs not wanting his father to stop us. We go to Scotts room and start picking up supplies that are everywhere. "I don't want to go to school tomorrow its to tiring." Stiles nods picking up his papers "Yeah tell me about it, there's been a couple days when I don't sleep at all." I've noticed his dark circles under his eyes before but I never bugged him about it. "You know if you ever need someone to talk to I'm always here." He smiles and says "Same here." I feel like Stiles is going through a lot too, even though he doesn't like to show it I know he might feel like he was responsible for Allison's death. We also grab Malia's work and hurried out, we crossed paths with Scott walking to his room and said goodnight even though it was technically morning. We were about to open the door but got stopped by Mr.McCall "Where were you guys" I turn around and look at Stiles who looked very flustered. "Umm we were just hanging out." I said nervously, he was about to say something else but Stiles opened the door almost dropping the papers and we practically ran out. He drove me home and I went to bed in my big empty house that I don't need and barely spend time in. With Stefan gone I don't know what to do anymore. I could throw a party but I feel like that would cause more problems and we have enough as it is.

I wake up and put on some light blue jeans with a white tank top and a grey cardigan. I had cereal, after I was done I slung my backpack over my shoulders and start walking to school. When I got to school I saw Scott and Stiles so I headed towards them, I overhead their conversation and I think they were talking about Malia. After they were done I walked next to them smiling. We all walked to History and we sat down. Mr. Yukimura asked a question and the answer was Lincoln, History was the best subject I had, I was there for the most of what they're teaching. I often wonder if there was ever someone to write about me and my siblings. Kira's dad called on Malia who did not know the answer even though me and Stiles were mouthing Lincoln. Phones started ringing and Mr. Yukimura was getting frustrated. Then his phone rings and he checked it, he told Scott to call Lydia because something happened. After class we rushed out, I already know we're going to miss our next classes.

We walk into the animal clinic and I realized that Deaton had a injury on his arm, good thing I had some blood bags earlier. Lydia tells us that Derek's body is not only younger his mind is too, so he doesn't know about us or that we're trying to help him. We talk quickly and come to the conclusion that Derek is at the Hale house and that he wouldn't remember the fire. "When we find him, we tell him the truth" Scott adds. Deaton says "If he gets to the house first, you won't have to." We run over to the police station (don't ask how we got there) and the Sheriff takes us into his office. He looks at me, Stiles, and Scott "I want you to be honest with me. Absolutely and completely honest. Have you been time traveling." Stiles responds with a 'what' while I look out the blinds trying to find young Derek. "Because if time traveling is real, you know what? I'm done. I'm out. You're going to be driving me to Eichen House." Scott tries to reassure him "We found him like that." The Sheriff rubs his hand on his head "Where? Swimming in the Fountain of Youth?!" I continue staring Derek down not wanting him to run off again. Stiles started talking "No. We found him buried in a tomb of wolfsbane in an Aztec temple in the middle of Mexico, underneath a church in the middle of a town that was destroyed by an earthquake." That's when I looked at them I can see the years draining from Mr. Stilinski's face. "You told me you were camping." Stiles started talking again "Yeah, we were. It was in Mexico." The Sheriff was about to leap over his desk to strangle Stiles. Scott tells him we need to speak to Derek and he stood watch outside while we talk to him. Stiles sits in his fathers seat going through paperwork, I sit next to Derek, and Scott leans on the desk. Derek and Scott talk for a while but he lies and says that Derek's family is okay and he would be reunited with them. I give Scott a nasty glare. We were supposed to tell him the truth. Once we convince Derek that he can trust us he turns to look at me "You were drinking blood." I look down, I hate when I have to explain what I am, they either run, scream, or treat me different. "Yeah umm. I'm a vampire." He looks at me with wide eyes and I could hear his heartbeat increase slightly. "Wow that's kinda cool." I look up shocked and smile remembering that Stiles had a similar reaction. I stood up and grab Derek's hand "Let's get you out of here."

Me, Stiles, and young Derek are going to Scotts house while he talks to Peter who I still haven't met. I'm thinking a good arm breaking will show him he should never mess with me again, the vervain could've killed me. Stiles kept lecturing Derek about being quiet and not asking questions. He struggles with the keys until I just rip them out of his hand. I grab the one labeled Scott and realize theres one called Vampy which is Isaacs and Stiles nickname for me. "You have a key to my house?!" I let out a low growl. He throws both hands up "I have key copies for almost every building in this town!" I press my lips together trying to suppress my anger, Derek starts chuckling obviously amused about our small spat. I open the door and walked in the house with the two idiots following behind me. I start walking to the table while unzipping my backpack, I look up to see Mr. McCall with a bag of food. He got us drinks and sat us down. We start talking, Stiles introduces Derek as his cousin from Mexico which made me choke on my drink. We start eating, it was peaceful until Mr. McCall asked what Derek's last name is and guess who answered, you got it right Stiles Stilinski. "It's Juarez-Cinqua-Diago." Seriously he couldn't say Smith or anything else generic. "That's a mouthful. How do you spell that?" Of course he had to ask. "Phonetically" I nod at Stiles's answer. A couple awkward minutes later Derek radomly asks Mr. McCall about the Hale house fire. He fills Derek in and I can feel the tension in the air. We go up to Scotts room, Derek pushes Stiles up on the wall, I had to rip him off of Stiles while he was screaming to speak to Scott. "Fine! Calm down. I'll call Scott. Stay here with Stiles and if you lay a finger on him you won't have any left." I run down stairs and start calling Scott. The phone rang three times before I heard a commotion, I run back up the stairs to see what happened. Scott answers the phone and repeats my name. Stiles was on the ground rubbing the back of his head and Derek wasn't anywhere insight. Stiles turned to face me "She took him. Kate took him."

Me and Stiles arrive to the school the same time Lydia did. Stiles grabs his handy dandy bat and prepares for battle. We run over to a vault, I was the first one to go in since I didn't want them to get hurt. I reluctantly and slowly walk down the stairs, when I reached the bottom I saw someone struggling to stand up. Stiles and Lydia followed behind me and they seemed to know the person. He looks at us mumbling about bearer bonds, I realize the man is Peter and I ball up my fists in anger. Stiles starts speaking to him "Bearer bonds? Hold on. Hold on a second. Are you saying you got robbed?" Peter answered with "This was a heist. Somebody planned this." Lydia takes some steps further in the vault "How much did they take?" "177." Peter hissed. "Thousand?" I questioned. He sighed and said "Million."

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