Chapter 33

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"You're telling me I'm fifteen minutes away from Beacon Hills and you're still there?!" I turned the car into the next lane and went under a bridge.

"Yeah we had to grab everybody. And I mean everybody, even Peter is here. We're at a Derek's loft and waiting for Lydia. And you of course" he sounded stressed.

"Okay well be there soon" I said as I hung up. I did take a moment to change real fast in to a leather jacket, jeans, and a light grey T-shirt.

I made it to the loft which was very open. It had Stiles' cars and a bunch of others. I pulled up near the entrance and hopped out. I heard Braeden saying that Lydia can catch up with us on the road.

I walk up to them and Stiles flinched a bit not realizing I was there. But once he realized I was there he turned to hug me. "Okay then. Are you okay?" I said surprised.

He nodded his head. I patted his back and he let go. I gave him a small smile and he returned it. We were still discussing Lydia when Liam had an idea "I could call Mason. He has a study group at the school. Maybe he could look for her."

Stiles didn't seem to pleased with the idea but its the only one we have. I looked at Liam "Good plan" I looked at everyone else "What car am I riding in?"

Stiles pointed at himself, then Derek, then Liam. I headed into the back of their van while Stiles talked to Malia. Derek slid in next to me. Liam was next and he sat across from us. Braeden sat in the driver seat and Stiles sat in the passenger.

"Let's get this show on the road" Stiles said while buckling up.

We were almost there, but I completely overlooked the fact that it was a full moon. Liam's eyes started flashing yellow and he was growling.

"If he bites me I'm dead." Derek gave me a questioning look "No, like I'm dead. He bites me its over with." Liam looked up at me and I slid farther up towards the front. "Stiles" I whispered, he looked back and gave me a what look "Any room up there?" Then he gave me a seriously look. I rolled my eyes and leaned my back against the car.

Derek got him to repeat "Alpha, Beta, Omega" but it didn't seem to work he kept getting angrier and angrier.

Stiles turned to look at us "I don't think the powerful talisman-of-self-control is working."

I looked at him "Noooo, really?"

Liam started growling and lashing out. Derek, Stiles, and I all yelled his name.

"We're almost there!" Yelled Braeden.

I looked over at Liam, I moved so I was in front of him and Derek moved over. "Liam you're going to have to calm down so we can save Scott. We're almost there" he looked into my eyes and calmed down for a second but then got out of control again.

Stiles turned to us again "Liam! Liam! What three things cannot be long hidden?" Liam struggled again so me and Derek both took one arm and held him down. Stiles tried again "Liam! Liam, look at me. What three things cannot long be hidden? What three things?"

Liam struggled less and less. "Sun" he paused "the moon...the truth" he stopped struggling completely now. Me and Stiles exchanged a smile. He repeated the mantra over and over. Derek realised his grip on Liam and I did too.

Liam was ecstatic "I can't believe I did it!" He started laughing "For a minute there, I thought I was going to tear you guys apart."

He then bear hugged me "I- uh okay..." I hugged back.

Right when we let go of each other we made it to La Iglesia. Liam awkwardly smiled at me.

Derek opened the vans back door but was grabbed by something. I got up and started walking out, Liam following me.

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