OT8- Pack Mates(1)

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Hyunjin's body shivered under the cold touch of Chan's fingers as they slowly wrapped around his waist. He slowly turned his head around to look at the Alpha behind him who had him bent down on the bed with his ass propped, all served up as a dish for the elder to devour.

Chan's eyes were red as he lost himself to his inner wolf who wanted to do more than just ruin the pack's Luna in front of him. He let out a strong growl, releasing pheromones which made Hyunjin whimper with need. Sweat was sliding down their body like water after the two rounds they just had. Hyunjin wanted to rest but knew he couldn't. Not with Chan's rut and pleasure occupying his mind.

Fresh warm tears streamed down Hyunjin's cheeks as Chan entered him once again. His mouth was left open as his body jerked forward from the impact, fists turning white from holding the bedsheets tightly, raspy moans erupting from his mouth aftermath of how much he screamed in the past five hours. Chan was one heck of a Blood Alpha, the leader of the pack. He could go on for hours fucking into Hyunjin without getting tired and later call it just one round whenever he was hit with true rut.

Hyunjin screamed as Chan pulled him up with his hair while thrusting into him hard, deep and fast at the same time. He nuzzled his face into Hyunjin's neck before opening his mouth, his white teeth shining under the orange light of the sun which partially entered into the room from the small slits which the curtain wasn't big enough to cover.

Hyunjin threw his head back on Chan's shoulder as the elder's long tongue licked his mating spot. The Alpha got harsher as possessiveness overtook him after noticing the other mating marks on Hyunjin that were from the other members of their pack. He fucked harder into Hyunjin, his hands leaving Hyunjin's hair to wrap tightly around the other's body, tight enough to leave marks.

A sob left Hyunjin as Chan's teeth punctured into his neck's skin, drawing out blood as he started to mark Hyunjin all over again. The younger was too much lost in the pleasure to bother about the pain at all. He just let the Alpha take care of him, use him to get over with his heat. He wasn't going to lie and say he didn't like it. He loved Chan's heat the most. Even if it always left him on bedrest for a week, it was all worth it when compared with pleasure.

Chan growled out loud before moving his head to mark the other side of Hyunjin's neck as well. The younger sobbed as he felt himself getting close already. He had already lost the count of how much he had came already. Hyunjin's hands gripped onto Chan's wrists, his neck moving sideways to let Chan have better access to his skin. He just wanted all of it.


"Should I go in?" Felix asked, worried for Hyunjin after hearing the growls and screams coming from the room of their pack's leader.
"Don't even think about it. Only Hyunjin can suffer through Chan's rut. You can't stand it." Changbin said, walking to stand beside Felix who has been sitting in front of Chan's room since the heat started.

Stray Kids were a pack of eight members that lead over the Kingdom with Chan as it's leader and Hyunjin as the Luna. The pack had two betas Seungmin and Jisung, two Omegas, Hyunjin and Felix and the rest were Alphas except Chan who was a Blood Alpha. Their bond was like no other, strongest and the best.

It was never like that from the beginning. It had been a painful and long journey for all eight of them before they found their rightful positions as the leaders of the Kingdom. It all started on Hyunjin's fifteenth birthday, three years ago, when he presented as an Omega, shaking the Kingdom to its core. The King's son wasn't supposed to be an Omega. They needed an Alpha to rule and take care of Kingdom but the King and the Queen were cursed that they could only have one child.

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