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Sorry for the delay but I changed a lot of things-  a lot times.

I still am not sure if this is worth reading. I feel like I can add a lot of more elements and I am sorry if its not good like the other. 


"It's raining..." Hyunjin smiled, trying to watch the raindrops. His blindfolded eyes focusing on the drops as if it was hitting his skin and not the window that was closed. It felt calming to say the least. Standing near his window in his red silk small robe, after a month of struggle against his demons, he felt as if he was finally able to breathe properly in his own body. His body was his own now. Finally, at last. It wasn't an easy fight but the feeling of owning himself, being himself was above all. His skin felt his own, his mind working on its own. No more demons were chasing his thoughts when he slept, no more thoughts killed him inside. He was at peace with himself after so long of being afraid and scared in his own. He had finally made peace with his life and his life partners...his mates.

Hyunjin's mates. His two Alphas. Chan and Minho. The elder was in the office, working his mind off like usual while the other was in the field, practicing till he ran out of breath. The Luna had yet to take up his responsibilities officially, enjoying the fact that now he had two mates to manage everything in his absence so that he could heal himself completely before facing the outer world that was filled with hurdles and difficulties for him.

It had been all going well as Hyunjin would like to describe. His Alphas the best out of all. It had taken him some time to open up to them and be comfortable in their presence but the feeling of comfort that enveloped his heart when he sleeps at night...when his body is wrapped up in Chan and Minho's protective arms, their love warming him like a soft fur blanket...it all feels worth it. All the struggles, his fights...it all felt worth it in the moment his Alphas would look at him as if he was the most precious being in the world- to be protected and loved at all costs.

Hyunjin smiled at the thought, his fingers unconsciously travelling up to his lips where Chan and Minho's touch still lingered when they had kissed him goodbye this morning. He smiled to himself, cheeks turning red as he remembers the feeling of butterflies in his chest-how he had grinned and melted under just their gazes. It all seemed so unreal to Hyunjin at times like these. He was grateful to have such understanding Alphas in his life who gave him the time and opportunity to recover by himself, always helping him whenever he needed. His chest warms up whenever he thinks how Minho has never questioned about the Mystic ceremony, only saying, "Let's forget the past. I am here now to make sure that you'll never be hurt again...". It was heaven in all true terms.

Only yesterday it had so happened that Chan were to tell Minho what he had done or more like what he was made to do to Hyunjin but the younger stopped him from doing so. He knew that Chan was made to do this without his choice. That was enough information for him. He didn't want to ask more. He did not want to know more. Whatever it was...it wasn't an easy story. It was Chan and Hyunjin's story before he had met them...it was their story to remember, not his to listen and intrude. Hence, he let it be, just trying his all to be the best version of himself for his healing Omega.

Hyunjin would be a fool if he had not noticed that his Alphas were in fact, always there for him. In literal sense, always. One call of their names and they would run to him within seconds. It was a blessing in some sense, being the only Omega with two Alphas definitely had its advantages. Hyunjin was their- what Minho would like to call-their 'prince' who deserved to be treated with utmost care and lots of love. They were true to his words though. There was not a single day when Hyunjin had not felt like a prince in their presence. From waking him up gently to making sure he had taken his needed potions before sleeping- they were always there to take care of it all for him and he was eternally grateful for that.

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