OT8- Pack Mates- Bonus Chapter(3)

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I worked really hard on this chapter. Hope you like it. 


"How are you feeling?" Chan asked, his hands gently rubbing oil on Hyunjin's big almost-nine months belly.
"Tired...exhausted." Hyunjin answered with a sigh. Having a Blood Alpha was really draining his body more than anyone could have imagined. Hyunjin has gotten skinnier than before. His cheekbones and collarbones are way more evident even though he was taking in a perfect diet. Not to forget, his body was in pain all the time, especially his back and thighs. They hurt to the point that Hyunjin would wake up crying in the night at times.

"I am so proud of you. You are so strong, love. I promise that it is going to be over soon. Just a little more time. Hmm?" Chan said, his voice soft and assuring to comfort his Omegas who was in distress. He was just as worried as everyone else. The baby was too strong for Hyunjin's body as the medics told them. The chances of miscarriage were high but they had refrained from telling Hyunjin about that since it will break the younger's heart again. However, so far everything has been going great with no complications which everyone was thankful for.
"I know. Ah-" Hyunjin whimpered, his eyes scrunched close.
"Love, what happened? Are you okay?" Chan asked, worried as his grip tightened a little around Hyunjin's belly as an instinct.
"The baby kicks too hard sometimes..." Hyunjin mumbled lowly, sighing in the end.

"Why don't you lay down, love?" Chan said, hands moving to cover up Hyunjin's belly with a blanket so that he does not get cold.
"Been doing that for two months now." Hyunjin whispered, smiling tiredly at Chan.
"Do you want me to lay down with you?" Chan asked as he stood up to help Hyunjin lie down comfortably on the bed. The younger just nodded as he slowly and carefully shifted down with Chan's help.

"Here, Jinnie." Chan said as he got under the blanket, extending his arm for Hyunjin to put his head on before the younger nuzzled against in his warm chest. Even though, Hyunjin's big belly was in the way, the younger has grown thing enough to be wrapped up by Chan's big arms.
"Have a little sleep. I am right here." Chan whispered as he brought the other closer to himself. Hyunjin did not say anything back as he closed his eyes to rest, losing himself into the warmth and comfort that Chan brought. He felt a little kiss on his forehead before Chan's finger delicately carded his long black hair with love.

"Is he asleep?" Minho's voice snapped Chan out of his gaze as the Blood Alpha turned to look at his mates who were standing near the door. The eldest shook his head, smiling at Minho and Changbin when they quietly walked inside the room.
"How do you feel, Jinnie?" Changbin asked, sitting on the bed along with Minho who sat down near Hyunjin's and Chan's feet. He was confused until he saw the elder's hands travelling under the blanket to rub the Omega's ankle. That's what he loved about Minho. He was the most caring out of all the mates when it came to their health.

"Tired and exhausted." Chan answered for Hyunjin, knowing that the younger was in his sleepy phase after he noticed that his eyes were still closed. He was just too tired.
"Under the blankets, you both. It's cold." Hyunjin mumbled against Chan's skin, referring to his mates who had just come there.
"Orders from the higher authority." Chan joked as he saw Minho and Changbin fumble to put their legs under the blanket so that they could sit comfortably.

The next few minutes were full of laughs and chuckles as the mates shared jokes and a few incidents with each other that had happened during the day to not make Hyunjin feel left out. It had kind of become their routine habit to do this. It had all been fine until Chan felt wet on his chest. He looked down only to get shocked when he saw Hyunjin crying silently.
"Love! Are you okay? Why are you crying?" Chan panicked, alerting Minho and Changbin as well.
"Does it hurt anywhere? Do you want us to call the doctor?" Minho asked, worried about the Omega.

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