OT8 - Pack Mates(10)

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Word Count- 4,432 

There is another version of OT8- Pack Mates series by biggestskzwhore 

TW . Please stop reading at the point you don't feel good.


Hyunjin was cold. His naked body was shivering in the dark room. He is a Luna. He definitely had blankets made with the finest wool and sheets of the finest silk to cover his body and be warm but ironically, the boy didn't have the luxury to even lift a finger even after having all the luxuries that a man could dream of. He was a Luna after all. Born and raised inside the castle walls. The same walls that were eating him up now.

Pain felt like his soulmate in the situation. The only other thing that he could feel besides himself was...his pain. Both of them were alone in the room...alone in the dark. The nature was not happy about it either. The Luna was in pain...the one who looked after it was lying on his deathbed. How could the nature be happy? It was angry at everyone just like Hyunjin, hitting the people on the land with uncountable water droplets, sharp and fast. It screamed thunder in anger, terrifying everyone around the Kingdom as if it wanted to show Hyunjin's pain, portray just what had happened to the Luna. It was angry at how the Luna was lying on his bed lifeless, gasping in pain, just for the sake of Kingdom while the people all around were full of life. Happy and Joyous! Celebrating the mating of their Alpha and Luna. Oh! How happy they were!

Hyunjin blinked, not that he wanted to! The image of the Blood Alpha's red eyes would cover his mind whenever he closed, he orbs, shading his world with black. He was breathing with his mouth, trying to go through the pain with the best ability he could mutter. Werewolves were the best healers. Give them a knife wound and it would go back to how it was within ten seconds but Hyunjin's body was different. He was too tired to heal himself even if he tried to do it. He just couldn't do anything except lay there in agony and anger while gasping for breaths.

Hyunjin was cursing at himself as he thought about using his powers to bring justice for himself. It was all unfair...all that happened...how that happened...It was all fucking unfair to the poor Omega. He had already supressed his thoughts about using the divine powers. He can't use them for destruction when he is the one who is preached by everyone and even the nature itself for creation. He was Luna...he gives, he provides for-he can't take. He should not.

Hyunjin froze as he heard a small giggle-the bubbly voice...so melodic and sweet as honey. It was heaven to his ears. He wanted to hear it again, listen to it till the end of time. With all the strength that was left in him, he lifted up his right hand, slowly moving his shaky wrist before resting it on his stomach. A sob left him as he caressed his tummy softly, as much as he could.

It did not take the Luna a lot of time to recognize the little bubbly voice in his head or the slow faint heartbeat inside him. Hyunjin knew he was with a child. A boy Alpha to be precise. The little baby inside him was so fierce, active and aggressive...just like his father. He was in doubt at first, wondering if he could really get pregnant in just one time but he was sure of the miracle when he felt the little thumping inside him. A baby heart...so small and delicate. Hyunjin had never felt happier about his powers and instincts than he felt in the moment he found out he was in fact pregnant. He was already able to feel the baby with how strong his senses were.

A smile spread across his face as he felt the baby better with his hand on his stomach. The little one was breathing inside him. He suddenly felt so warm and elated, not to forget, his motherly instincts kicked in as he felt like he could do anything in the moment to save the little living being inside of him.

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