Coming home- SKZ SHIPS

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I would not say that i am fine because I am really not. I do need more time to be okay again. 

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"Lixie, Can you get the mail while I prepare the breakfast?" Hyunjin asked, his soft and sweet voice making the morning even better.
"Sure, Hyungie." The said boy chirped, looking over the couch to see the blonde-haired boy cooking in the kitchen like usual. It was not their first choice to have an open kitchen but later Chan realized that Hyunjin was missing out on too much fun that they had in the living room while cooking. Hence, the joined living room and kitchen.

Felix groaned softly, stretching his limbs before walking towards the door to get their letters. It was an everyday routine for them. Living in one of the poshest areas of the country, they received a lot of letters from everywhere since they were so powerful. It was all thanks to his elder brother, Bang Chan though. He was one of the closest advisors to the King, always helping the old man as if he was his father. However, it came with its own disadvantages at certain times.

Being close to the King meant attending to a lot of responsibilities and Chan was rarely home because of that. He refused to have his family live in the castle which led them to have a mansion on the outskirts of the city. Their house was beautiful if you were to ask anyone but there was always someone missing and that was Chan. He had to stay out for work for almost half of the year.

"Thank you for your service. How is you wife? I heard that she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy?" Felix said, as soon as he opened the door and saw the man standing there with his letters.
"She is healthy by god's grace. We named our baby Jim." The man replied, smiling in return.
"That's adorable." Felix nodded, taking his letters from the man. His eyes immediately scanned all the fifteen letters to look for one which was from the castle with hope. He wanted to meet his brother so badly. Chan sometimes sends them letters from the castle. Genreally, they are addressed to Hyunjin, his husband but he often sends a word before he returns home as well.

Felix's eyes widened when he saw the red stamp on the brown coloured cover and a high-pitched squeal left his mouth when he noticed that it was for all of them. Chan was coming back!
"Hyunjin is going to be so happy!" He said to himself, closing the door behind him as he went inside the house again. A mischievous grin spread across his face and he decided to not let Hyunjin know about it so that it would be a complete surprise for him when Chan returns.

Felix's heart almost melted as he thought about the two again. They were one of the best pair that he has ever seen, completing each other in every day possible. It was as if they were destined or fated to be together. Their first meet had been nothing but sort of a fairy tale as Felix likes to tell. Hyunjin was the heir of one of the neighbouring Kingdoms before he decided to run away when his parents decided to get other ideas for his future such as marrying him off. As Felix likes to tease Chan, Hyunjin is too good for him to which the younger of them always shakes his head in denial. None of the Kingdoms could refuse Hyunjin as their bride. He was too beautiful and not to forget, skilful and sweet as well.

It had all begun with the couple only. Chan had found Hyunjin on one of his trips to another city. The younger had taken refuge in the darkness of the forest where coincidentally Chan's team had made their resting camps for the night. Chan still remembers the way he had found Hyunjin scared, whimpering behind a bush when his soldiers approached him. The boy had been starving for days before Chan provided him with some bread and water. At first, Hyunjin had refused to tell his real identity of a prince, lying that he was a runaway slave but it would have been stupid of Chan to mistake the beautiful boy with the softest skin ever and shining eyes for a slave.

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