OT8- Pack Mates(13)

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Hyunjin smiled as his eyes ran over the sleeping beauty that laid without a worry in front of him. Eyes closed beautifully, lashes touching the small light freckles, face and body still in peace while the white sheets wrapped the Omega perfectly in its embrace as of it wants to touch him as much as possible, just to have a piece of the purity and the happiness he carried. Felix is beautiful, a living sunshine, spreading hope and happiness wherever he goes.

The Luna could not take his eyes off him, not his fault though. Who would want to look away from Felix? Even a blink felt like a curse when Hyunjin looked at him-he wanted no interruption, be it a second or millisecond. Not to forget, the little one growing inside Felix only gave the elder more reasons to just stay where he was, sitting right beside Felix while the younger slept comfortably.

However, it was not all flowers for the Luna. Hyunjin knew he should not feel it. It is not something that he should feel as a Luna or as a mate but anguish and agony are something that even Lords cannot control. He can't help it either. It was hurting him-more than it should. It was clawing on his heart, reminding him about the dreadful night, about the sufferings, about the pain, about the hurt, about the sacrifice-the unborn child. He could feel his womb crying with emptiness. If it was not for his weak body...the child would have been three years old by now.

For the first time in his life, he felt envy and that too of his very own mate. Someone he should protect and care for. Someone who he loves dearly and to no end. Someone for who he would give up his life for. It was a shame indeed. He was embarrassed of the way he felt jealously every time he looked at Felix. The Omega stood strong with the small baby boy inside him and seven mates to protect him. Hyunjin knew that the baby was their pack child but the little boy was not his to call mine and it grieved him to core.

Hyunjin's heart clenched as he smiled sadly, his happiness now gone. Even the little heartbeat could not comfort the pain in his chest. The little boy wasn't his- he knew that very well. He closed his eyes and his hand unknowingly reached under the sheet to touch the soft belly of his mate that protected the child growing inside. Oh, what a miracle it was to know that there was a little being within his flesh! A little Alpha boy...just like his. Hyunjin's eyes watered at the thought of the little Alpha...his little baby.

The Luna rested his palm on the top of Felix's stomach, caressing it slowly as he felt the small bean under the touch of his fingers. The faint heartbeat and the feeblest movements ever. The baby was taking shape slowly-he could feel it and soon he would be here in Felix's arms. He would grow into a strong Alpha just like Changbin who would rule after them. He thought if his little bubba would have been the same.

It was a disgrace upon the name of the Luna that he felt envious of his own mate for carrying a child. Maybe it was the fact that he wanted it too or maybe it was because he wanted his little bubba back. It has been three years and still there is not even a single day when he has not thought about him. For the first time ever, he wanted to blame someone for losing his child. He had gone over it multiple times but he just could not let go of it. It was his fault-all his fault that he had to make a sacrifice that day. It was no lie that the baby died because his body was weak. He could not carry it. The baby died because of him!

If it were a crime to be jealous of his own mate then Hyunjin was all up for a punishment as described by the law. He just could not help himself. Even if he tried to control it, his empty womb would remind him of the luxury that he was deprived of unlike Felix who was unknowingly providing the best care in the world to his little child. He wanted to have it too! He wanted to have a small bub inside him like Felix. He wanted to experience it too. He wanted to know what it feels like to carry a child...carry a child more than a day. Hyunjin would not do more crime and lie to the world about his evil thoughts-he has emotions too! He would not lie and say that he never had the thought of taking away Felix's child from him even when he knew it was wrong. He just...he just wanted it even when he knew of the incorrect

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