Finding You(5)- SKZ Ships

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Word Count- 3,382

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"You are a beauty indeed..." Woosuk whispered, sending shivers down Felix's body. The younger Omega felt so small and weak against the middle-aged Alpha. He could swear that he had never seen a more scene ever in his life. He had almost screamed as soon as he entered the room to see Hyunjin lying tied up on his stomach with his back red with blood while Woosuk was just smirking evilly at him. Now, he knows why he was brought here in this room without his consent.

"Touch me and I swear to my existence that you will beg for your death." Felix said, gritting his teeth. His tone unmatched his wavering and scared red eyes as the pressure and darkness in the room swallowed his heart. His body was trembling with every breath that entered his body, his mind was liquid. It was like he did not know what to do except keeping up his façade and playing strong which he learnt after being a mate of the Royal guard for years now.

"Do not worry. I don't touch mated Omegas." Woosuk smiled, his face too close to Felix's mating mark for the younger's comfort. The Omega squirmed against the wall that he was pinned on with his hands tied to one of the heavy furniture of the room. He can move but cannot escape even if he wanted to.
"You should not touch Hyunjin either. He has a mate." Felix growled, eyes moving around the royal red coloured room to search for something that could help but it was a big fail.

" you not know why you are here?" Woosuk shushed, hands travelling around Felix's waist, pulling the younger closer.
"How can I? I was dragged here without my consent while I was away from my Alpha." Felix spoke, eyes not breaking contact with Woosuk's as if he was challenging his authority.
"It is because of your use it a lot even when you should not." Woosuk whispered.
"Should I cut your tongue out?" The Alpha speak in a low dark tone, hand travelling up to Felix mouth as his fingers touched Felix's lips.

"Ow!" The Alpha yelped when Felix hardly bit on his fingers, not letting the flesh go and making it as painful as possible.
"You idiot Omega!" Woosuk yelled pulling away before raising his hand to hit Felix.
"No!" Hyunjin cried out, stopping Woosuk form hitting the younger.
"Please...You said that you would not touch him! No!" Hyunjin shook his head vigorously, not wanting Felix to get hurt in his mess.

"You stay quiet!" Woosuk replied, fisting his palm to punch the younger but Hyunjin interrupted again.
"Not him! Take it out on me...Not him! Please!" Hyunjin whimpered but felt a little relived when he was Woosuk's hand coming down again before he pulled away from Felix.
"You are right..." Woosuk whispered lowly, turning back towards his husband.

"Let me tell you why you are here." Woosuk suddenly grinned creepily, leaning to kiss Felix on his cheek. The younger growled immediately, pulling against his restraints only for it to be useless.
"You are here because of your tongue. As an elder, I think it is my duty to remind you that words are stronger than swords. You are here to witness the result of your words that you spat out of your mouth without thinking about the consequences...consequences that your friend will face." Woosuk said and it did not take Felix even a second to know that Woosuk was talking about Hyunjin.

"You can't!" Felix shook his head, pulling harder against the rope on his wrists.
"Watch me..." Woosuk sang as he moved back towards the bed where Hyunjin was laying.
"I was going to go easy on my husband since this was his first big mistake but your mouth made it worse for him." Felix watched with fear-stricken eyes as Woosuk moved to pick up a metal jar from the bedside table, slowly removing its lid.
"No..." Felix unknowingly whispered; his eyes wide as he noticed the waves of white smoke that left it.

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