OT8- Pack Mates(16)

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Word Count- 7,002

-Remember, this is fiction. 


It is definitely a wonder how quiet it was inside the Hyunchan's room when there was literally a thunderstorm going outside the castle. It was raining heavily and the sound of thunder followed one after the other within seconds. The room was filled with comfortable silence, surrounding the mates with warmth and love, touching every fibre of their bodies

"Hyung..." Hyunjin mumbled, nuzzling more against Chan's naked chest in the dimly lit room, his hands rested on his abs as if they wanted to feel his presence even more...as if they wanted to know that he was there now- the real one.
"Yes, love." The elder whispered as he tightened his hold around him to pull him closer while he sat with his back against the headboard.

"What did you do to that man...the fake one?" Hyunjin turned his face, looking up at Chan's face as he waited for him to speak.
"Killed him in the most torturous way ever known." The younger could swear he saw Chan's eyes changing colour, a deadly aura surrounding him.
"How did he do it? Why was he looking like you?" He asked again, his mind not satisfied yet. The Alpha let out a sigh, moving his hand to intertwine his right hand with Hyunjin's left one.

"He was a powerful witch. He made you drink a potion to make your powers go useless and that's why you were not able to feel the bond either which reminds me. Hyunjin..." Chan replied
"Come here..." The Alpha said, making Hyunjin sit on his lap with his legs on either side of Chan so that they were facing each other while the other just let Chan do whatever he wanted.

"Listen to me carefully now. I know I am uncontrollable during ruts. My wolf goes crazy and I feel like taking it all out on you which...I do. I am so sorry but I mean it when I say, I try to control myself from hurting you but I just cannot stop it. I know my apology makes no difference because I cannot help but repeat it. I am sorry-"
"Hyung, it's okay. I know you cannot help it-" Hyunjin interrupted but Chan shook his head quickly shushing him.
"Let me finish. It is not okay. It is not okay to hurt your mate like I do. I found a way to help us both out of it..." Hyunjin looked at Chan, a bit hopefully since he said that he had a solution now.

"I will spend my rut chained up in the dungeons-"
"I do not permit that." Hyunjin said, a little louder.
"Hyunjin...please try to understand. I do not want to hurt you anymore." Chan whispered, both hands intertwining with Hyunjin's.
"You will hurt me more this way." Hyunjin's lower lips wobbled as he spoke.

"Jinnie...why are you crying over this...jinnie?" Chan frowned, not understand why his mate turned tears out of nowhere. They were just having a conversation.
"Do not even think about it. Why are you talking like that? Is it about what I said? I am sorry..." Hyunjin started to wail like a baby after he said that sentence.

"Love...sshh...why are you crying? You did not do anything. Why are you saying sorry?" Chan pulled the other into a tight hug.
"I cannot s-stand the thought of you being in pain. I'd rather die than see that. My heart filled up with fear as soon as you said it....please do not say it! Do not even think about it! You being in pain is not an option!" Hyunjin shook his head wildly, face nuzzled in Chan's neck as he cried.

"But love, I cannot stand you being in pain either-"
"Do not speak! It is not for you to decide. I am your Omega...you cannot do this to me..." Hyunjin sobbed.
"I get it. I get it...stop crying first. Why are you crying? It is not like I am hurt now. Huh? Chan said, knowing just how painful it will be for Hyunjin to see him in pain. They are fucking mates! Though he was still going to stick to his idea, for now he wanted Hyunjin to relax since he still needs to relax.

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