OT8- Pack Mates(4)

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Word Count- 2,015


Hyunjin and Felix stared at the setting sun from the window of their castle. Birds finding their way back home just like the sun which was starting to hide behind the mountains, signalling that one more day has gone by and there was still no hope of the six pack members coming back. The yellowish orange light that spread like a bedsheet on the trees and the pond was a sight to behold, it looked calming and beautiful, as if it was bringing happiness along with it. Hyunjin couldn't see it because of the blindfold but he could feel it. The rays of the sun were covering his sin with warmth, his mind strangely felt at peace as his ears and heart were desperate to contact with his mate once again.

"Hyung, you should take off the blindfold." Felix whispered and yet his voice sounded loud in the dead silent environment.
"Leave." Felix said to the guards that were standing behind them. Hyunjin heard their footsteps as they walked out while his hands were untying the knot behind his hand.
"It is beautiful." Hyunjin said, his eyes focused on the view in front of him. He rarely took out time to view the world with his eyes like this. He was always busy with this or that. Especially, with Chan and the rest on a mission, he and Felix were the only ones left at authority.

"It is lonely." Felix said. His voice sounded broken and tired. The Omega was missing all his other mates so much that he even cried every night in Hyunjin's arms. The younger was the newest in the royal pack. He had never faced any kind of threat all his life. Having someone poison him was too much scary for him.
"They are going to be back soon." Hyunjin mumbled, his right arm moving around Felix's waist to pull him close.

"It has been more than a week. There is no news." A sob left Felix's mouth as he said that sentence. Hyunjin shushed him before pulling him into a tight hug.
"You know if something were to happen to them, I would have felt it. They are alright. Don't worry." Hyunjin comforted him, his hands rubbing the Omega's back softly.

There talks were interrupted when they heard howls in distance. Felix shivered and clutched onto Hyunjin tightly. The howls were not familiar.
"Rogues." Hyunjin whispered.
"H-Hyung-" Felix whimpered, nuzzling into Hyunjin's chest.
"Don't worry. You will be safe. I am here with you." The Luna said as he kissed Felix's head gently.

A guard came running towards them and Hyunjin closed his eyes shut, turning his head other way quickly.
"Highness, we need to go." The guard said. Felix whimpered more. His body was shaking badly by now. He has never faced such conditions.
"Felix, trust me. You will be safe." Hyunjin said, trying to calm down his mate only for him to let out a cry when another loud howl was heard.

"Stay here in the room. Close the window and don't go anywhere. I will be back." Hyunjin ordered, returning Felix's tight hug with love.
"Y-you're-we-weak." Felix said, his fists clutching tighter onto Hyunjin's shirt.
"Felix, I really need to go. Don't worry. I will be fine. Just stay here." Hyunjin softly said but Felix shook his head.

"You can't go." Felix sobbed.
"Felix, I have to go." Hyunjin swiftly pulled away from Felix who only tried to cling onto him more.
"Stay here." Hyunjin said before wearing his blindfold to hide his eyes and running out alone with the guard.
"Hyung." Felix dropped on his knees on the ground while crying. If only his other mates were here.

Felix pulled his knees closer to his chest before resting his head and crying his heart out.
"Hyung-where are you all?" The Omega hiccupped, his heart feeling heavy.
"Can't you all feel our sadness? Why can't you all come back?" He sniffled before starting to cry again.

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