Hyunchan- The Rare Hybrid

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A filler before the main Smut. The chapter is a REQUEST.

Chan- Wolf Hybrid.

Hyunjin- Deer Hybrid. 

Word Count-  3801

Requested by -  I tried tagging the person but just couldn't. wattpad didn't let me. 


"Felix! You know how much I hate parties. I don't want to go." Hyunjin whined throwing a pillow at his roommate.
"I want you to meet my friends. Please." Felix pleaded.
"But you do remember what happened when I went to a party last time, I don't want to go through that again."
"Are you serious? That was like 6 years ago. Besides, it's not even a party. We'll just go to a bar and hangout." Felix argued with the 18 years old deer hybrid but the other was still hesitant.

Hwang Hyunjin has always been that way. Shy, introvert, scared and reserved, those will be some of the perfect words to describe him. He doesn't even have friends except Felix, a 19 years old cat hybrid. Hyunjin likes to keep it to himself.

Hyunjin wakes up, goes to college, attends his classes, goes to the café he works as a waiter in and comes back to the apartment. He is a deer hybrid and that's why he is naturally born beautiful with his two little horns on his head which he covers all the time with a beanie. His eyes are a beautiful shade of blue, his plump lips and amazing figure is the icing on the cake.

When it comes to parties, he never goes to them after an incident took place 6 years ago in which his parents were killed in a carnivores attack when they were attending a business party. Luckily, he was just bitten and somehow, he managed to survive with the help of his friend. He has never gone to parties after that accident. He doesn't even like the carnivorous hybrids. He knows that not every carnivore is the same but he just doesn't like to interact with them and tries to avoid them as much as he can.

Even after being reserved and keeping to himself, he has not been the safest. Every day at work, some stupid boys would try to flirt with him, especially the hybrids. You see, deer hybrids are very rare, not everyone posses the shy nature and the beauty they are born with. Thus, they are very unique and hard to find. Some classmates would even bully him to show his horns to them and if he refuses to do so, they would just use force.

Felix remembers seeing Hyunjin in hospital with stitches on his right shoulder wailing loudly for his parents. Hyunjin was already very shy with people and that incident just added fuel to the fire. He even started to not talk to people, always keeping his doors locked for everyone. The other had to be very patient and careful for the first three months after the incident happened as Hyunjin would always hide himself behind the bed and scream if someone were to enter his bedroom.

It was very hard to make the younger feel comfortable while meeting new people. Felix always laughs while recalling the moment when he made Hyunjin meet his boyfriend, Seo Changbin who is a 20 years old Panther Hybrid. The younger didn't even look up from the ground and refused to shake hands with him. Changbin was mature enough to understand Hyunjin's situation and laughed it off with Felix.

However, this time Felix was determined on taking Hyunjin to a bar and make him meet his friends.
"Felix please, no." Hyunjin said and covered himself with a blanket.
"Hyunjin, if you don't get your ass up within the next ten seconds, I am gonna tear each and every GOT7 poster you own with my own two tine hands." Felix threatened and his aura changed within seconds.

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