Finding You- SKZ SHIPS

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Han Jisung twirled in front of the mirror, showing off his white net short dress to no one in particular. The dress was decorated with white roses and ribbons on the edges and there was light satin that covered his shoulders till mid thighs. He has not always been like this. It started when he was seventeen, when he found out that he was an Omega. He naturally became more interested in what everyone calls 'girlish' clothes and accessories. He does not like to differentiate between the clothes on the basis of gender. He strongly believes that one should always wear what he or she wants...just like him.

He loved the feeling of the soft cloth on his skin and how it contrasted his milky thighs along with his thin waist. He knew that his future Alpha was in for a treat!
"You look gorgeous, your highness." A maid who was standing in the same room as Jisung said.
"Thank you! I love the flowers." Jisung replied, a grin resting on his face which only made him look more flawless.

"Where is Channie hyung?" Jisung asked, referring to his elder half-brother, Bang Chan who was the future Alpha of their Kingdom. Both of them were straight opposites of each other, born from different mothers but had the same father. Chan was the fierce and strong warrior of their Kingdom who was the Royal Heir whereas Jisung was the small, lively, adorable caring person with chubby cheeks that could melt even satan's heart. No doubt, he was what the whole Kingdom treasured the most! It was like he was what which kept the Kingdom balanced and not his father who was the King.

"He is preparing for your travel." The maid replied, looking down on the ground after answering.
"Where are we going? Chan Hyung said that he will let me ride his horse with him." Jisung cheered. The boy loved horse rides, especially the ones when someone else was controlling the horse and he just had to sit there at one place while enjoying the ride. His brother's horse was the best. It was black in colour and the horse's long hair was what made Jisung love it even more.

"Were you talking about me?" Chan said, entering the room with his two personal Alpha guards.
"Hyung!" Jisung jumped, running towards Chan before pulling him into a tight hug. The elder chuckled, wrapping his arms around Jisung to return the action.
"How do I look?" The Omega chirped as soon as they pulled away, spinning around to show the dress to his brother.

"Beautiful as always." Chan whispered, leaning down to kiss Jisung's forehead softly. For him, Jisung is the most precious thing ever. If it comes to choosing between Jisung and the throne, the Alpha would not waste a second to think before choosing his younger brother.
"I apologize your highness but may I interrupt?" Changbin, one of Chan's close friends or guard said. He was an Alpha too, physically strong with a cold demeanour for everyone except his mate, Felix who he found a year ago. The public could swear that Changbin was a beast before Felix came into his life. It was like the younger bubbly Omega made him go soft just by existing.

"Go ahead." Chan said, nodding his head.
"My mate, Felix...he belongs to the Yellow Wood, the Kingdom that you are visiting. It is his birth place and he resided there for most of his life before he came to our land. Your highness, may lord forgive me for saying this but Jisung should change his clothes and wear something less eye catching." Changbin said, his eyes sharp as ever.

"I don't understand." Chan furrowed, looking at the other Alpha sceptically.
"Felix has told me stories about the place. The politics there is filled with Alphas and Betas. Unlike our policies, Omegas are not given much privileges there. My mate told me about how they are mistreated and used. They are seen as nothing but toys for the powerful to play with. Jisung is an Omega. I just don't want anything happening to our prince. For his protection, I believe it is better if he wears something dull." Changbin sighed, eyes staring at both the brothers while waiting for a reaction.

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