OT8- Pack Mates(8)

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I really put in efforts for this<3


Felix breathed with his mouth, body trembling, heart thumping, mind fuzzy and his vision was blurry. Sweat was dripping from every inch of his skin, each particle of his body was revolting against the surrounding yet it was all unclear. Nothing could be understood. He could not even make the outlines of the maids' bodies standing around all around him while he was tied up naked to a wooden chair. They had forced some kind of liquid into his body and now his throat was burning as if it was on fire and he couldn't even focus.

"Focus Omega!" Felix heard someone yell. It felt like the only things left were his ears and his sense of touch, rest all of him was dead. The young Omega was trying his best to get through it but he was just too tired. He didn't know how long it had been since he was tied up like this. Questions after questions were thrown at him and he was putting all his effort in to reply in his half-dead state. It had been a while since he realized that the people around him were noting all the marks on his body to make sure that there was no other mark from any other Alpha.
"Tell us! Whose mark is this?" The someone yelled again.

Felix let out a whimper, more tears streaming down his eyes as soon as he felt someone touching his inner thigh again. It was Changbin's mate mark.
"C-chan-gb-in..." Felix whispered, putting in his all energy to give out the answer.
"And this?" Felix whimpered again as someone touched the left side of hic chest, tears coming out like a waterfall.
"S-stop...p-pl-ease..." Felix cried out. He wasn't liking this at all. He just wanted to hide in a corner and never show his face to anyone after being exposed in front of people like this.

"Hurry!" A voice from the other side of the white sheet shouted. Officials were not allowed to be the part of the ceremony and hence, the white sheet cum curtain was used to divide the room into two.
"He is asking us to stop again and again." One of the maids replied while the other kept on trying to get answers from him.
"Use the method Blue." One of the officials replied.

"S-stop...p-pl..." Felix whispered again. He wasn't at all comfortable and he just wanted to get done with it but his mind was too confused to answer. One of the maids got hold of his right feet the Omega flinched as he felt something warm near his skin before he was asked again.
"Tell us who's mark this is." Felix scrunched his eyes and felt the disgusting finger touching his chest. He opened his mouth to answer but nothing came up since he was so tired.
"Dip it." Felix let out a bloody scream, eyes widening as he felt his right feet burning inside the pot filled with boiling hot water. It was the same pot that he saw the maids carrying earlier.

Felix's right leg was trembling terribly. He tried to pull it out but the maid holding it down didn't let go. The burning water was too much for the young Omega. He was so overwhelmed already and this was just pushing him down the edge.
"Stop!" He cried out, trying to pull his leg away but his efforts were useless.

"Think Omega!" The maid yelled. Felix closed his eyes to focus again, this time with pain and opening his eyes back only when he knew the answer.
"J-sung.." Felix whimpered weakly and his feet was taken out of the hot water as soon as the answer was heard. His right feet was still shaking and he could feel the burn, adding into his pain.
"This is the last one, Omega. So, cooperate." The maid said.

"This one...whose mark is this?" The maid's finger touched his neck. Felix was almost out of his conscious by now. It was hard to even make out what the maid said but he knew the style. The maid was touching his neck and he was supposed to tell whose mating mark was it.
"Dip it." The maid said, not even giving time to Felix this time before his already burnt feet was being dipped into hot boiling water again. The Omega screamed again, trying to pull his leg away but couldn't.

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