Minsung- Littles

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Top- Minho

Bottom- Jisung

Word Count- 3798

This chapter is a requested one. Hope you like this. It is going to have three parts. If you don't like it, then please PM me. 


Minho sighed as he entered the hotel where the annual party was going to be held.
"Good to see you, Mr. Lee." The 23 years old was called out by the person holding the event.
"I feel the same, Mr. Sen." He replied while bowing gently as the male standing in front of him was older than him.
"Please follow me, I will lead your way." Mr. Sen said and smiled before starting to walk around in the huge hotel.

Minho took a look at his fingers and checked if he was wearing the ring or not. The ring represented his existence as a dominant in the party that he was going to attend. He was invited personally for this occasion as it was also one of those parties where people interested in BDSM are invited. The dominants are supposed to wear rings whereas the submissive wears a choker around their neck.

Minho wasn't even gonna attend this party if it wouldn't have been a chance for him to find a loyal and good submissive. That's what he has been longing for since he stepped his foot into the business world. Minho is one hell of a businessman and he loves his job too, however, when it comes to being satisfied, he never scored a single goal in that area.

Minho could crack great deals and earn great profits but he just can't find happiness anywhere in that stuff. He feels lonely whenever he had to come home to an empty house. He had no one to share his happiness with, no one to celebrate his achievements with. He is an orphan so having a family is the only luxury he hadn't have since the beginning.

Hence, he has always craved for love and loyalty in his life. He wanted to feel how being loved feels like, why people say that it's the best feeling in the world and yet it makes him cry in the night. He just wants someone, someone loyal, someone that would love him at his worsts, someone that would take care of him, someone he can be himself with without any care in the world.

Minho's ears were instantly hit by aesthetic music as soon as he entered the hall. It was just as he expected. A big chandelier, red carpets, drinks and music, along with people wearing the most expensive stuff they could find. But he wasn't interested in any of this. He just wanted to get over with it as soon as he can.

"Mr. Lee, C'mon join us." A man almost as young as Minho called him out.
"Yeah, sure." Minho said and walked his famous mannered walk towards them.


Minho threw the tissue in the bin; he just dried his hands off with. The party was boring as ever for him, leading him to going washroom several times just to get away from people who annoyed him with different kinds of business deals and jokes. He would just fake smile and nod at those people before going on his own way.

After a lot of thinking, he just decided to go home. He also tried to find a submissive but wasn't able to do so at all. All of them were almost girls and they tried to approach Minho only for money and nothing else. He wasn't something to be played with, neither his morals allowed him to use someone for his desires. He was in this community because he wanted love and care. He was not only expecting to receive the love and care but wanted to give it someone too. That someone who would take all his worries away with just as smile and help him with his stress. He just wanted to love someone. Call him desperate if you want but the way he lived his life, he needed and desired love to complete it.

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