Finding You(6)- SKZ SHIPS

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Word Count - 5,597 


Before the sun could rise, a man was standing on the public altar, a big piece of paper in his hands. It was not just a piece of paper though, it was a piece of lies, tragedy, sufferings, torment- beyond the beliefs of the city. The whole city stood astonished, crying as they prepared themselves to hear what they never wanted to. But it had been done hours ago and it cannot be changed now.

The wind was cold, colder than usual, fog covering the streets making it impossible for everyone to see the man but unfortunately the fog was not thick enough to save them from the lies that the man was going to speak. Now, should the nature be blamed for this? Or should we blame the blind humans who follow what they not know of, unknows and deceived by every other one of their own kind? Who knows?

"I stand here with a big news of grief..." The man started; crowd quiet as ever to be able to listen to the man. Then he continued. Continued with the fake blessings that he read in the name of Lord. In the name of Justice.
"We are deeply filled with grief to announce that our very own, Alpha, Jung Woosuk has passed away..." The speaker paused intentionally, giving time to the people to make peace with the news. The crowd only screamed, panicked to hear that such an important person was dead now!

"May he rest in peace. The King is determined to punish the suspect of the tragedy, Jung Hyunjin, his husband who brutally stabbed his own Alpha while he was sleeping. We feel ashamed to have such a shameless Omega inside the court and the King will punish him accordingly if found guilty..." The speaker continued. Any person with a sane mind can tell that the words were changed. The King announcements- demeaning someone? Demeaning Anyone? Is that even possible? The words were messed with! Putting the blame all on an Omega to get people riled up against him. So that he could get punished even if proven not guilty of his crimes.

But. The people. The people of this Kingdom. They are not sane. They are not smart. They are just people being people.

"The people of the Kingdom demand a fair decision-"

That's it. That's all there is to hear and read after this. No one can take more wrong after this. Their blood would boil and anguish will fill them if more words are written after this.




Is it even there anymore?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Felix sighed, tears dripping down his cheeks as he finished wiping the blood off Hyunjin's soft pale skin. It was fate? Or was it bad luck? Felix didn't know. Not that he wanted to. He jus wanted to fill the emptiness in his chest that was clenching his muscles so hard that it was hard for him to even breathe near the Omega in front of it. He can blame it on the destiny, fate, circumstances and what not but what is left to blame. It has already been done. It cannot be turned back. It would never go back to the way it was. The scars were there now. There was just no turning back, not that they could even when they wanted to.

His core was weeping as he gazed upon the blood red skin, his fingers slowly caressing the skin, trying to take away even a little bit of pain if possible. Hyunjin did not deserve this. No one did except the one who are capable to implying so much pain to the others. Oh! how that disgusting Alpha had poured steaming hot water on such a pure soul. It was as if Felix was able to feel the scars on his back after witnessing such a torture. It was plain hatred and pain that he felt in the moment. How could someone? How could someone be so filled with...this? Even the devils would turn their heads away in shame once they see these burn marks on Hyunjin's back.

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