OT8 - Pack Mates(9)

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Chan got alerted by screams as soon as he stepped foot into the castle walls with the rest of the survey team. They had just gotten back from their rounds.
"What is happening?" He asked the two guards who were running towards him with full speed.
"The L-luna has gone f-feral. H-he is in the a-arena. No one c-can enter!" One of the guards informed them and within a blink, Chan jumped down from his feet. Hyunjin has never gone feral in his whole life. He was worried what had forced the patient Omega to go feral like that.

"Will Hyunjin be fine?" Changbin asked, catching up to him as they had started running to where the screams were coming from.
"I-I don't know." He replied. Chan was scared himself. What if they are not able to help Hyunjin calm down? The five mates ran through the long never-ending hallways made in special ways to confuse the enemies but it was like they have walked these paths for generations. They were carved in their minds.

Chan sighed mentally, relief spreading over his mind for a second as he saw the big crowd in front of the arena door. There were powerful soldiers and many generals trying to open the gates with force but it was of no use.
"Make way for the Royals!" One guard screamed when the Royal mates were seen running towards the arena. The crowd quieted down immediately, dividing into two parts to make path for the Royals.

"What the hell is happening?" Seungmin asked one of the soldiers standing near the gate.
"Some officials and maids were taken inside by the Luna an hour ago and they have not come out since then. It is said that the Luna has gone feral. H-his eyes were-gone...white..." The Alpha replied, confused with his own words.
"What nonsense is this? Where is Minho?" Seungmin growled.
"He is in the Royal Omega's chamber. He allowed no one to enter or be near the area." He replied, honestly telling the Beta whatever he knew.

"Hyunjin! Open the door right now!" Chan yelled as Seungmin continued to question the soldier for more information. They tried to open the door by force but even the Blood Alpha could not open it.
"Hyunjin-" Chan was interrupted by a long quenching sound before the big gate started to open on its own.

"Hyunjin!" Chan yelled and ran inside without giving it a thought. His eyes widened as he saw Hyunjin standing on the tallest podium of the arena...or if he was Hyunjin. He could not recognize the younger anymore. The boy had white eyes...completely white glowing eyes. Body covered in a white net dress with a single strap on shoulder with no particular fashion yet in the most glamorous way, collarbone and wrists surrounded with blue glowing tattoos that Chan had never seen before. Hyunjin's hair was flowing like waves till his shoulder and he had a tiara of golden flowers and leaves on his head much looking more powerful than the even the King's crown. Was he really Hyunjin?

Hyunjin smiled from the top, looking over the crowd that was filling the arena. None who looked at him could take their eyes off. He was too beautiful that even the Moon Goddess would become desperate to write poems and sonnets to describe his captivating beauty. His allure was stronger than ever and his aura was so powerful that not even the strongest in the room could hold an eye-contact with him. They could just stare at the Luna with their mouths open. The Luna seemed to devoured the world of its beauty...there was nothing outside and all that the blessed eyes of the public had to see was Hyunjin and just Hyunjin alone. Nothing except him.

"Settle down, everyone." He said, voice more angelic than ever. It was the sweetest voice ever and yet there was nothing more terrific than that. It held power and determination that the bravest of the legends would bow down to. Everyone without a single thought in mind listened to the Luna as if they were hypnotized, filing the seats around the circular arena. The arena was specially made for punishing criminals in front of public who sat on benches carved from rocks, a lot higher from the sandy ground that made the base of the arena where the criminals were brought in for the punishment. The King and the Luna were supposed to sit in the balcony at the top of all the public space with their mates while the one who was announcing the punishment stood on the tallest tower in the arena that Hyunjin was currently standing on.

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