OT8- Pack Mates(14)

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There was a different feeling attached to the view that Chan beholds right now. It was nothing similar to whatever he has felt till this day for the person sleeping in front of him. Had Hyunjin always been so beautiful? Yes. But, in the moment he looked like a Goddess laying on the bed with her curls covering all the silk beneath her body. Wait- what a shame it is that the author compared his beauty to that of a goddess? A punishable crime indeed! How can he be compared to a goddess when she is only as same as a pretty tree inside a forest of which Hyunjin is the ruler? He walks the ground with his flawless steps, giving life to all beings whereas the Goddess treads behind him, gone insane after beholding his beauty.

Chan should thank god everyday...all his mates should thank god everyday or maybe everyone in the Kingdom should thank the God every day for giving them eyes that can capture a beauty like Hyunjin. They were the favourites of the God...others should cry and beg mercy from him to be blessed with even one glance of the Luna. It was not a surprise that Hyunjin was no ordinary Omega. With every breath, he gives life to the new, with every word, he calms the burning hearts, with every touch, he nurtures, both living and non-living...with his existence, the Kingdom exists.

The King could not wait anymore. It maybe his Alpha traits overwhelming him but he was impatient. Oh! What a fool he was to treat his beautiful and kind Luna like that? What right he had to scare him when he cannot take a single breath inside his body without Hyunjin's presence? How could he?
Maybe this is what regret sounds like or more like 'looks' like. It was not a rumour that went around the castle but the truth that the Alpha had killed the 'witch', as Changbin found out during the investigation, in the most painful way. He had skinned him alive, feeding his skin to the prisoner wolves as he promised before biting out his guts and leaving him to bleed to death in mere three hours after the incident happened.

Kevin Lee. That's what his name was...the one who had tried to mess with Hyunjin's virtue. He was a witch, a soldier who had sneaked inside during the war. He had it all planned thoroughly, that too alone. He was not an ordinary or weak witch...he was a gifted one. Lee held such powers that he can even copy the emotions of the person that he is converting into with his magic which is exactly why he knew of the fight between the Royal Couple.

The only thing to be praised about him...is his courage. Now, please appreciate the author's sarcasm in the previous line that you just read. 'Courage' is the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. That is what the modern world net would say but the author has different views. This is not what she would call 'Courage'.

'Courage' is what Kevin Lee had. Oh, what a list the author has of the words to describe his courage. If you don't agree with her then try finding or thinking about a person who would walk into a Lion's den all alone with no protection! Can you? Does anyone else has the audacity to be this stupid and dare touch Hyunjin while Chan was inside the castle? The answer is 'No' without a doubt. Hyunjin's bond may have been messed with but Chan is wiser than wisest of the men out there. He wasted no time in running towards his Chambers once he noticed the bruises on Felix's wrists and a burn mark on his right leg. Now, would Hyunjin really let Felix suffer the pain when he is there? Not unless his powers were taken away from him! It wasn't a complicated puzzle...at least not for the Blood Alpha.

Changbin was astonished when he came to know about the foolish of this witch named Kevin Lee. He had made Hyunjin drink some kind of a wine to make him lose his powers but what used was it when he had his mates nearby? Only a person wishing death would do this or well...that's what Chan did to him in the end anyway. A very well-deserved end.

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