Finding You(2)- SKZ SHIPS

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"Hyunjin is not his mate." Minho sighed. All five of them were gathered in Minho's room, talking over what had just happened in the dining hall. It could grow into a war easily but Chan and Minho were smarter than that. They would not let hundreds of soldiers die just for what Felix had said through his mouth- the power words hold!
"What do you mean?" Jisung asked, pushing himself up to sit on a table next to where Minho was standing.
"You guys should get comfortable. This is going to be long." Minho said, sitting next to Jisung on the table. He has the whole room to himself but he just did not want to be away from his mate, not even for a second.

Chan and Changbin sat on the edge of the bed, facing the new mates whereas Felix took it upon himself to sit on the couch since he was angry with Changbin for how he behaved before.
"Felix, I know it is not my matter but you should understand that Chan and Changbin were only concerned about Victory. We can't risk a war here. I understand where you come from but try to think about this other way too. There are many ways other than directly fighting with a noble to solve the issue." Jisung said, not liking the fact that Felix was angry at Changbin. Both were so lovely together, them being apart even for a while is just sad for Jisung.

"I know but I just could not handle it. I saw the bruise on his was fresh. I-I am sorry...I just don't know what happened and I suddenly snapped...helping Hyunjin was all I had in my mind. Maybe because of my aunt...I do not know." Felix mumbled. He knew what he did was not the smartest thing out of all. There were better ways of helping Hyunjin and he chose the worst one. He should have kept quiet and worked silently if his intent was to help.

"It's okay, love." Changbin said, getting up from his place and walking towards the younger before sitting beside him.
"I understand." He added, wrapping his right arm around Felix's shoulder.
"Let's talk about the situation first. Hyunjin." Chan said, worry still evident on his face. His heart was at fire, specially after knowing that his mate was in trouble. He wanted to know what was happening to his mate and why it was this way!

"Tell me about Hyunjin." He repeated, looking at Minho with what one would call desperate eyes. Minho nodded before beginning from the very start.
"It is kind of complicated. I will start from where it all began. It was when I was a newly crowned king after my father's death. Hyunjin's real name is Hwang Hyunjin. You heard it right. Hwangs were at once the richest of all and he and his brother were the heirs of their empire. However, a year ago they lost everything and went poor once the main head that is Hyunjin's father was arrested for gambling. All his properties and riches were taken away by the throne and the whole family was left with nothing but their house. They lost their power and money...all of it. Hyunjin has always been one of my close friends since he spent half of his life at castle because of his rich father." Minho said, stopping to let out a sigh.

"What happened next? Why is he married to that guy?" Chan asked.
"I was getting to that. His father tried to start over by establishing a new business and for that he took loan from Jung Woosuk. Unfortunately, the business did not do well at all and the family was left with a big loan over their heads. Woosuk asked them for the money but how were they supposed to even pay. Hence, Hyunjin was...I don't know how to say it. Hyunjin...he was sold to Woosuk over a deal..." Minho sighed again, closing his eyes as he let everyone have some time to let the news sink in.
"What?" Jisung gasped, not believing what he had just heard.

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