OT8- Pack Mates(11)

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Word Count- 3,346


Hyunjin's body shivered under the sheets even after being surrounded by his seven warm mates. It was too cold for his hot steaming body which was covered in a thick layer of sweat. The eight mates had gone to sleep in Chan's room last night, all tangled up in each other as Felix felt safer in his head Alpha's room after he had cried for hours, almost passing out from exhaustion. However, unlike Felix, Hyunjin did not feel comfortable at all when he woke up sick the very next morning. He knew why he was like that and he felt relieved that he was going through it.

Hyunjin mentally sighed, feeling thankful for the dark curtains that the Alpha put up in his room to stop the sunlight from coming in. He knew that he was going to be oversensitive for the time being till Felix recovered. A smile formed upon his lips as he heard the little thump again. It was so feeble, considering that it was coming from Felix's body, and yet so fierce at the same time. There it was, his baby, his bliss, his heaven, his everything.

The Luna continued to drown into the ocean of happiness until he felt Minho's grip around his waist tightening. The arms that were heaven to him, for the first time in his life felt like shackles. He felt suffocated with bodies pressing onto him, not to forget the sick feeling lingering all over his body. Hyunjin wanted to cry as soon as he felt his stomach churning, nausea taking over his body. He almost let out a whimper of discomfort. He hated it even though he knew it was coming.

Hyunjin groaned weakly, picking up his tired and heavy body. His feet trembled and his all of his mates' scents at once became overwhelming for him. He was too tired of it and his emotions were all over the place from how whiny he felt. It was just all too much for the Omega. He was sensitive. With a lot of effort, he managed to make his way towards the bathroom in Chan's room, eyes barely open. A wave of dizziness washed over him and he would have fallen already if it were not for the strong arms that held him up.

"Love..." Hyunjin heard Chan's voice replacing the small thumping that absorbed his ears like no other voice could. The younger only let out another whimper, limping against Chan with his weak body. The Alpha was confused. He didn't know what was happening to the Luna. First, the bruises on his wrists and now he was sick. He still has to talk to him about the assembly yesterday. Nothing was making sense to him but for now he was going to focus on Hyunjin's health. He was worried for Hyunjin. The younger looked pale, his lips dry and it seemed like something had sucked all of his energy out of him.

"Let's go to bed." Chan whispered but before he could drag Hyunjin back, the Luna had already pulled away from him. The Alpha's confused eyes followed the Omega's actions as he made a run for the bathroom with his weak body, only to trip on the ground.
"Jinnie..." Chan called, running to Hyunjin again. The younger Omega tried his best to stand up too but failed when he felt the familiar bile juice hitting the back of his throat, not to forget his burnt right foot was aching as well when he tried to put pressure on it. He only breathed once before he gagged loudly, body retching forward as the contents from his lunch yesterday came out of his mouth. He could not make it in time.

"Hyunjin..." Chan gasped, running into the bathroom before coming out with a ceramic bowl in his hands that he kept in front of Hyunjin without wasting even a second.
"Love...it's okay ..." Chan whispered, his gentle arms holding Hyunjin's weak body up while the other vomited. He did not think once as his free hand moved to hold Hyunjin's long black hair for him, not even caring about the drops of vomit that had gotten upon it barely not even a second ago.

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