Finding You(4)- SKZ SHIPS

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"My graceful Lord, I have been a mere servant of this Kingdom since I was born and I cannot recall even once an event when I had betrayed this land...for I do not know of what I did to upset my beautiful husband. This meeting brings shame upon me and my family but I am left with no choice..." Woosuk spoke, hundreds of eyes looking at him. Some with anger and some with kindness as they were blinded to the real side of the man who stood as a knight in front of them.

"Get to the point." Minho scowled. He had enough of the man trying to gain sympathy in the court. He just has had enough of his foul policies and bittersweet words...his duality, his demons, his sins...if he could, he would have ended the living man within seconds in front of everyone. But he had more than his reputation to uphold. He stood and sat at a seat above everyone else. So powerful yet so vulnerable to every breath that he took. A King who cannot protect everyone but his family. Such an unbeatable irony, right?

Minho's wrath was waiting to be disrobed as soon as he heard about the request that Woosuk kept in front of the court. The disgusting Alpha had the audacity to ask his court for justice and that too for the events of last night. Minho was no fool. He knew that Woosuk had more than one evil plan up his sleeves and hence, he needed to take care of everything while being as careful as possible. He had even hesitated when Woosuk asked him to summon Hyunjin at the court but he had to agree since if there were hundreds of eyes on Woosuk...he had millions looking at him.

"I am sad and in grief after last night-" Woosuk started, expressing why he thought Hyunjin as of a criminal.
"What is your case? What wrong has your husband, Hyunjin done to you?" Minho interrupted again, restless and worried for what was going to happen. He cannot let his friend get more hurt. It is enough. He has suffered enough now. His eyes caught Jisung's who was sitting in one of the chairs that his ministers generally sat on. Chan, the crown prince and his brother were guests of the Kingdom. They had to be treated like it.

Minho's court room was like any other else. The walls were covered with carvings of elephants in red and white colours to show his power and authority as a King. The aisle and the connected floor were covered with red carpet which looked like blood spilled all over but it held a royalty that no other could match. The ministers and the public sat facing the King's large golden chair that had big red velvet cushions to match with the one beside it. The other chair was for the Queen...the is Jisung's chair but since they were yet to mate, the younger was not allowed near the chair.

Minho has designed all of it himself. Even the big chandelier that hung from the roof was all a part of his creativity with interior designing. He loved being in his court room. It was his space. A space where he practiced his power, a space for justice and right...a space for him to just be his powerful King self. He had grown up dreaming about sitting on the throne...the one his father sat on but today it felt like a burden to sit on the softest cushion of the Kingdom.

Minho could feel his heart quelching and tearing apart as he looked at his best friend, Hyunjin standing in front of him with his head hanging low as if he was really a criminal that Woosuk described him of. If only everyone could know the truth and he could help his best friend...if.
"What is your case?" Minho asked again, his teeth almost gritting in anger.

"I will tell the tale with the best piece of witnesses and proofs but I want this to be a fair decision for both him and I and hence, I want to ask for a jury." Woosuk said, his voice desperate and hopeless at the same time.
"What do you need a jury for?" Minho asked, knowing that he will have to give a jury if asked by the victims and criminals. He cannot refuse to this.
"Forgive me for my next words but I cannot let this decision be influenced by my high position in the court and so I believe a jury of the commoners with great hearts and understanding can lead us right. They can help me be on the right way if I am on the wrong...if I am blinded...I request you, your majesty. Let me have a jury for the case." Woosuk pleaded.

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