OT8- Pack Mates(6)

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I really tried my best. Hope you all like this<3


"We will wait for the Alpha to come." Hyunjin said in his sweet honey voice, captivating hearts of all the men present in the room. It was their weekly meeting where the Alpha and Luna discussed the important matters with five other officials of the Kingdom. Everybody was waiting for Chan to arrive and take his seat next to Hyunjin at the end of the rectangular table. The leader was stuck in some other work, being Felix turning too needy of his cuddles after Hyunjin's heat ended a day ago.

An uncomfortable silence prevailed in the hall Everybody was either too scared or to nervous to speak to the Luna in the room because of the rogue incident in which Hyunjin killed two wolves as if it was nothing and also there was a rumour going around in the Kingdom that threatened the Royal Omega's reputation and the Royals themselves were unknown to it which only made the environment more tense. They dare did not chit chat under his presence, even if they were all older than him. Hyunjin was able to sense the discomfort but it is not like he could do something about it. He just waited for his Alpha to come and break the silence.

"Hyunjin, there is something that we need to discuss" One of the officials, Jongsuk said. His tone was heavy and sincere.
"We will wait for the Alpha." Hyunjin replied, looking at the source of the sound since he was wearing his blindfold.
"We need to discuss it with you." Another official pitched in. Hyunjin's head snapped towards him. It has never happened before. There have been times when the officials have discussed matters with Chan in absence of him but the vice versa had never happened. It wasn't allowed. No matter was supposed to be solved without Chan.

"You all know that it isn't legal for us to discuss any matter without Chan Hyung's presence. We will wait for him." Hyunjin stated, his voice firm to show that it was his final decision.
"It is about Felix." Jongsuk muttered and Hyunjin's expression changed within seconds. A frown made its way on his face, his lips turning into a straight line.

"This is about Felix. It is an internal matter, related with the House of Affair which is lead by you. Hence, it would not be wrong of us to discuss it with you alone." The elder explained slowly. Hyunjin gulped, thinking about it for a few moments before nodding his head.

"It is about the rogue incident from two weeks ago. A rumour has been going around. Please forgive me for what I am about to day next. Felix was kidnapped by one of the members of the rogues' pack that invaded the kingdom boundaries in the absence of the Blood Alpha and your other mates. There has been a talk going around which states that the Royal Omega's purity has been compromised since he was seen almost unconscious in the arms of another Alpha-"
"What?" Hyunjin yelled, hands slamming on the table as he stood up and interrupted the official from speaking anymore. The others followed suit, standing up with the Luna. Hyunjin can't hear dirt about his own mate like that and stay silent.

"Do you know what you are talking about?" Hyunjin said in a stern tone as if he was scolding the other person.
"It may not sound bad right now but it can lead to a civil war soon if ignored, especially since none of your other mates were present in the territory. This matter is just as important as another. I am sorry that I have to bring such bad news here on this table but it is not lie that no one knows if the rogue Alpha tainted the Royal Omega or not." Jongsuk said, head hanging low. Out of nowhere, the Luna's aura started becoming too powerful for everyone. If it not were for the blindfold, the angry Luna would have burnt down the room with his eyes already.

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