OT8- Pack Mates(15)

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Silence resided in the whole castle as if it had been living there since birth. There was not a sound, not even insects in the garden made noise today. The whole place held negative and scary vibes...so much that even the devil would run away from the palace if it were to meet his vision. It was gloomy and sad everywhere even more than yesterday when Hyunjin had woken up and broke down before fainting.

Chan sighed as he quietly stared out of the window of Hyunjin's room, lost in his thoughts. He felt guilty and regretted not taking care of Hyunjin more than ever. His heart was crying and his mind were full of thoughts about how he has failed as a King and a mate...especially to Hyunjin. How is he supposed to take care of thousands of people in his kingdom when he cannot even properly look after his mate? The only thing holding him to the ground was Seungmin's hand that was intertwined with his while the younger stood next to him.

"Hyung..." The Beta whispered, catching his attention suddenly. He slowly turned his neck to face Seungmin, not speaking anything though.
"What are we going to do...I-I am scared..." Seungmin whispered softly, leaning his head on Chan's shoulder. The elder followed his actions with his eyes, not being able to reply. What more could he say? Did he even deserve to say anything after what he had done to his mate?

"What are we going to do?" Seungmin repeated, closing his eyes before snuggling more against his Alpha. Chan on the other hand was still quiet. It was like he was paralyzed. His brain just could not process anything but guilt in the moment.
"Only Hyunjin can tell after he wakes up. Who are we to decide?" Minho interrupted, answering Seungmin as he sat next to a sleeping Hyunjin while holding his hand firmly. His tone was a little harsher than other times but the Alpha could not hide his anger inside like others. He was upset and disappointed in himself for letting things get out of hand and he left no space in showing it.

"We still are his mates. It is not like we made it happen. It was not our intention for him to hurt this much. He should have told us before. How would we know anything if he chooses to hide things from us.Hyung..he-he will forgive us, right?" Jisung said from his seat next to Jeongin on the Leather couch at the left corner of Hyunjin's room.
"Nobody knows for sure." Jeongin replied, eyes staring at the ground as he sewed his own chain of thoughts.

"I understand if he doesn't want to." Minho answered for Jisung. His words were hurtful but they were not any less true. The elder's lower lip wobbled as he turned to stare at the Omega lying beside him. Hyunjin's skin colour wasn't pale anymore and his bruises were gone which means his powers were back. They were all a little relieved when his powers returned...just maybe...maybe he was healing.

Their conversation was followed by an uncomfortable silence. All of them were mates...the ones with the deepest bonds that were ever known to their kind and yet they did not know what to say in order to comfort each other. The silence did not last for long though, saving them the embarrassment of not being the perfect mate, when Changbin entered the room with his arms around Felix to support him.

"Lixie..." Jisung called, almost running towards his pregnant mate to help him. Felix's body was already in not a very good condition and the emotional stress he was going through only put him and his baby in a dangerous position. The Medical staff of the castle had advised Felix bed rest for the rest of his pregnancy as soon as the news of him being with a child was told to them. It was still kept a secret though. The Royals didn't want thousands of people congratulating them in a situation like this. It just wasn't worth it.

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