OT8- Pack Mates- BONUS

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"There should be roses all around the cake. Chan loves roses! He calls me a rose all the time-oops! I did not mean to say that...I-I..."Hyunjin blushed, face turning to look at the ground as his cheeks started to turn red. The maids he was talking to cackled, finding the blushing Luna amusing. Maybe it was his pregnancy hormones making him this excited about Chan's birthday today as he was now seven months into the pregnancy. Will he always stay moody like that now?
"The roses-yes. Place them near his chair as well. Please make sure that the food is served hot like always. I will-" Hyunjin was interrupted by a sharp cry coming from inside his room.

"Bubba is up. You can start preparing for the Alpha's birthday. I will be in my quarters in case you want something." Hyunjin told the maids, rushing them out of his quarters before he walked back quickly to his room.
"Mumma is here. Why are you crying, love?" The Luna cooed, making his way towards the crib that was placed at the centre of the room.
"Are you hungry?" Hyunjin pouted, leaning to pick up the crying baby in his arms. A smile rested on his face just like usual as he held his little bundle of happiness in his arms.

Hyunjin let out a low chuckle when the baby stopped crying after being picked up.
"You just wanted some attention, didn't you?" The Omega grinned, his expressions softening as he looked at the small features of the baby. His eyes were just like Felix's...born with stars in his eyes and round cheeks like Changbin's. Too adorable for Hyunjin...only making the Luna fall more for the baby if that was possible.

"You're just like your Appa. Always needing attention." Hyunjin cooed again, placing a soft kiss on bubba's forehead. His lips stayed there for a few moments before his eyes cried in desperation to get a look of the baby again. Hyunjin just cannot get enough of him. Even his mates were surprised by the way he was always smiling around the baby. Don't understand it in the wrong way. All of them loved their baby to the moon and back but sometimes when Bubba would scream his lungs out in the middle of the night, they were bound to get exhausted. With their busy schedules, it was tiring to look after the baby but for Hyunjin, it was like he was born for this.

Everybody was fond of Jichang. He was their baby for god's sake but Hyunjin and Felix seemed to have more attachment to the infant than anyone else. The Omegas had their unsaid roles decided. Felix was the 'caring' and 'sweet' mother whereas Hyunjin was more of the 'protective' mother which was understandable since Jichang was his 'Bubba'. If Felix was the one who helped Jichang sleep at night and cuddle him all day then Hyunjin was the one...his mumma in whose arms he felt safe and protected. Both the Omegas were new to the world of parenthood but they were trying their best to make it work and they were doing a great job at it!

"Hyung! Jichang is not in his room!" Felix yelled, running down the long hallway to Hyunjin's quarters. 
"What do you mean?" The elder asked, frowning in confusion. 
"I don't know! there is a intruder in the castle. I-I left Jichang...I am so sorry..." Felix sobbed, starting to panic. 
"Love, it is okay. We will find him. Calm down for me." Hyunjin said, pulling the younger into a comforting hug. 
"I can't calm down. Please do something, Hyung." Felix cried, holding the other as tight as he could. He was just so scared for his baby. 

"You go to your room and stay there. If there is an intruder then your safety comes first. Do you understand?" Hyunjin asked after pulling away from the hug. He almost became weak after seeing Felix's red face with tears streaming down. 
"What about Jichang?" Felix sniffled, dead worried for his baby. 
"I will find him. I promise. Just go to your room and stay there." Felix hesitantly nodded before doing exactly what Hyunjin had asked him to do. 

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