Finding You(7) - SKZ SHIPS

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Changbin stared at the door with longing eyes, his mate would come back with the news any minute now and he could not sit still anymore at all. He wanted to know what had happened in the courtroom. If they had won or not. He could have easily gotten the news through a mere guard or a servant but Minho's sayings were clear- 'Do not trust anyone else.' and Changbin wasn't the in to break rules. Hence, here he is with Jisung and an unconscious Hyunjin, waiting for anyone to come back and tell them what had happened during the session.

Moreover, he was worried for Felix. It was not a lie that he was very proud of his mate for standing up for himself and for what was right but as much as he has witnessed the sins of Woosuk...he was not adamant in accepting that he was tensed and stressed about his mate's security. Who knows what Woosuk's brother might have in the bag for them? What if they decide to come after Felix like last night once they are done with Hyunjin? He cannot risk his Omega's life like that. He was precious and important to him, more than his own life.

"You can know..." Jisung said from his place near Hyunjin on the bed. The Alpha has yet to speak anything but his face expressions showed it all quite clearly. It was not hard to see that Changbin was worried out of his guts with how his leg was tapping against the floor. The Alpha was barely holding it in.
"I cannot go..." Changbin shook his head. Felix had asked him not to come...How can he disobey his Omega?

"You can...the hearing must be done by now. You should go and check on Felix." Jisung spoke, hands moving to softly brush Hyunjin's black locks. He has been sitting next to the sleeping boy for hours now, impatiently wanting him to wake up but at the same time, he wanted Hyunjin to get all the rest he wanted and deserved. It's just that they ha no clue of what happened with Woosuk last night and it was tough to make a plan without the facts. However, they still managed to stabilize the situation as much as possible.

"I cannot. It is not just about Felix..." Changbin said, shaking his head again. Jisung looked at him confusion, waiting for the elder to continue.
"I have duty towards you and now...towards Hyunjin too. If he is Alpha's mate then he is my Luna, Jisung. I have to protect him, I cannot go." Changbin explained, smiling a bit in the end as his gaze travelled to Hyunjin laying on the bed.

"The King will be so happy to see Hyunjin." Changbin whispered the end part, wondering about his home.
"Dad is going to love Hyunjin. He is elegant, sophisticated, sweet-" Jisung started to speak but was interrupted by Changbin.
"I really hope that everything goes well and Hyunjin gets to return with us..." Changbin said, looking down in the end.

"You should not worry at all. If it would have been any other Alpha, I'd been stressed as well but it is Chan Hyung that we are talking about. I know him...he'd rather die than leave Hyunjin here in this hell." Jisung said, smiling in the end. There was no doubt that Chan was one of the best Alphas ever and he definitely would not let Hyunjin stay in there as a prisoner. He would do anything but let Hyunjin be alone in this mess.

The elder of the twa just let out a sigh. It has been a long ay already, with no good news in hand. It was stressful and tiring for all of them.
"Where is Hyung? I have not seen him since the morning. He has not gone to the court meeting...right?" Jisung asked, wondering where his older brother has been since the morning. He had last seen the guy at night before Minho and him went out to complete the documents.

"He is working on the alternative plan..." Changbin replied, straight and simple.
"What alternative plan? Why do I not know about it?" Jisung said, frowning at the other.
"It is just in case we run out of options...let's just hope that it does not go that far-"
"What plan? What is it?" Jisung interrupted, curious to know what it was.

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