Hyunchan - The Rare Hybrid(3)

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Hyunjin scrunched his eyes close. Thee bright sunlight that was coming in from the window was hurting his eyes. He wondered if Felix had drawn the curtains out for laundry because they didn't like much brightness in the room. He shuffled inside the sheets, letting out a groan in discomfort. His throat was burning, his skin burning and his body was too heavy for him to move. There was a new and strange feeling to all of it though. His body was a mess and yet there was a sense of happiness around him. He felt weirdly comfortable but he wasn't able to point out why.

A whine escaped his lips. He didn't like being confused. What was this feeling? Frustration? Happiness? Not to forget, the sun was hurting his eyes even if they were closed. It was just too bright for him. After throwing a fit in the bed and wishing that the sunlight would stop coming in itself, He decided to give up on sleep and get started with his day. All his other alternatives were impossible.

However, getting up from the bed was too much of a task for him, considering that his body felt like a big rock. He whined again, loudly this time, picking up the blanket and covering his face with it. Out of nowhere the irritation in his skin increased. He felt as if his skin was burning for something or rather craving for something. He moved his hand to scratch the place that was itching the most near his shoulder but he was now too tired to move. It was frustrating. He has never felt like this before.

Hyunjin wanted to cry, everything was just too annoying. He almost sobbed when he heard the door unlocked. His ears hurt from even the smallest noise. Unlucky for him, the sound of the door being closed again was enough o push him on the edge and a loud sob left his mouth. What the fuck was happening to him?
"You're up." He heard someone say and it only mad him grow weaker.
"Stop speaking." His words were not above a mere whisper even when he was trying his best to loud.

"Are you okay?" He heard again making him give up on his last strings as he started to cry. It was all just too frustrating and he was overwhelmed by his emotions now.
"Hey..hey...Hyunjin?" The person immediately removed his blanket. The boy didn't even know who it was. It wasn't Felix though. That wasn't his voice.
"Why are you crying?" The man asked, leaning down near Hyunjin's face.

"Li-light-" Hyunjin managed to whisper and within a blink, the man got up to close the curtains. The boy on the bed sighed in relief, his eyes better now.
"Hyunjin, what's going on?" The said boy continued to cry in discomfort as he looked at the male in front of him. Chan? Why was he here?

Hyunjin only cried more as confusion piled up in his mind. He didn't know why Chan was there in front of him. He looked around the room and it hit him hard that he wasn't in his room. He only panicked more when he realized that he wasn't aware of what happened and why he was here.
"Hyunjin..." Chan whispered, moving towards the bed.

The elder was a bit hesitant but decided to lay down next to the deer hybrid before pulling him into his chest.
"I don't know why you are crying but please calm down." Hyunjin felt instant relief as soon as Chan pulled him close. His skin wasn't burning anymore. His body was still aching but it felt without the itching feeling.

Hyunjin sobbed more, his hands fisting Chan's shirt while the elder just let him be for the time being.
"Hyunjin, what's wrong?" Chan asked after the younger seemed to calm down a bit, only to have him let out a whine.
"Are you-"
"Do-on't s-speak." Hyunjin whispered, unknowingly nuzzling against Chan's chest.

Chan immediately sealed his lips, not wanting the younger to be uncomfortable anymore. He was confused as to why Hyunjin was being like that. He thought if it was because of what they did last night but Hyunjin wouldn't cuddle him if he was upset with him. Before he could say or think more, Hyunjin had fallen back asleep and all he could do was to wait for him to wake up again. His body pulled Hyunjin closer who snuggled more, finding comfort in the elder's arms. Without knowing, Chan found himself leaning down to kiss Hyunjin's head.

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