OT8- Pack Mates- Bonus Chapter(2)

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Word Count - 5,398

I am sorry but I really needed some time for myself. 

Note- This chapter does not contain the part where Hyunjin has a miscarriage.


Hyunjin sat on a chair as he looked out of the window with his dead eyes, at the sand, at the grass, at the weapons, at the tables, at the chairs, at the sun that was about to set, at the wolves, at the humans, at the-his Alpha. The black one with red eyes. The biggest one on the training ground, helping his team mates learn how to fight better. He did not know why he was looking at them...he had other responsibilities to look after. Well, it is not like he could attend to those anyways with his broken and injured body where the pain resided in every inch of his skin.

It had been only five days past the Mystic ceremony and the Omega had yet to accept his fate...yet to accept his new life...his Alpha. It had been nothing but living hell for him since the night. He could feel Chan's emotions and how guilty the elder felt with his every breath but it was not enough to soothe his pain. He had his scars too which needed time to heal. It was not his choice to go through the suffering. He was made to do it even when he did not want to and now if he wants to sit around being sad about it while ignoring his responsibilities then he fucking can! He deserves to have his time.

Bang Chan- his Alpha has kept quiet ever since it had happened. He refused to face his Omega at all, wanting to die with shame. However, they share a room. There are eyes everywhere around the castle. People will know and get suspicious if Chan does not spend his night in Hyunjin's room especially now that the Kingdom was in a sensitive situation. They needed to keep it strong and show that the Blood Alpha and Luna still have the strongest bond ever even if there was nothing but pain.

Hyunjin knows Chan cries at night and Chan knows that Hyunjin cries throughout the day. Both filled with hurt and pain. It was not supposed to be like this. They were supposed to be the happiest couple of the Kingdom. The fucking Royal Mates! Hyunjin always knows when Chan gets up in the middle of the night to adjust his sleeping Omega's blanket so that he is warm and comfortable with a look that is unexplainable. Hyunjin knows that Chan sleeps on the floor since he does not have the strength to even think about being in the same bed as the younger now. He was afraid, maybe more afraid than Hyunjin. He was afraid of hurting his Omega again.

Chan may think that Hyunjin does not know but he is wrong. Hyunjin realizes everything. He feels and knows. From the forehead kiss in the morning that Chan dares to steal while thinking that Hyunjin is asleep to Chan making sure that Hyunjin takes all his medicines and potions on time by keeping a check on the servants. The younger is aware of it all and he would be moved by it but he feels nothing but fear when he looks at his mate. His red eyes...his hands that gripped him tight enough to break his bones, his face that had nothing but lust and anger, his wolf that was growling, his body that destroyed Hyunjin piece by piece...everything.

"Luna. We need to go." Hyunjin was snapped out of his trance by a servant's voice that appeared to come inside the room unannounced but Hyunjin was too busy with his own thoughts to care about these little things now.
"I can't walk." Hyunjin replied directly in his hoarse voice, keeping his answer straight and short. His voice had turned raw and hoarse from all the crying that he has been doing for the past five days. He has cried rivers just sitting inside his room all the damn time. His eyes were tired, body have had enough of the crying and yet his tears did not seem to stop.

Hyunjin blinked twice, staring at nothing as he let his tears flow once again...just a few of them but not any less painful. He closed his eyes and waited for the blindfold to be put on his eyes. The irony. The great irony. Hyunjin loves to laugh at this. He does not understand why he was to wear a blindfold all the time when everyone else around him is wearing one already. They let something as cruel as Mystic Ceremony take place without opposing at all. Isn't that what you call being blind towards the justice? They kept their mouths shut while Hyunjin screamed his lungs out that dreadful night.

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