OT8- Pack Mates(12)

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"Felix is pregnant." Hyunjin whispered, face dull and eyes teary. His insides were shaking in the presence of the Blood Alpha that sat in front of him on the bed. The Luna wanted to run away and never look at his mat again after what he had done to get information out of him. The elder knew he was scared of those eyes and yet he dared to use them upon him for the sake of some information.

"You already told me that...I need to know more." Chan muttered, voice not wavering at all unlike Hyunjin. He just sat there expressionless while staring at his Luna for answers who was sniffling.
"Leave." Hyunjin whimpered, voice weak and body shivering.
"You know that I need to know." Chan replied casually.
"I don't care. Just leave." Hyunjin stated, wiping his dripping tears with the back of his hand.

"Hyunjin..." Chan sighed, closing his eyes to try and not get annoyed again.
"What?" Hyunjin snapped, lips quivering to hold back his sobs.
"Just speak. Don't make me angry again." Chan said in a warning tone, the aura around him turned dark.
"What if I do make you angry again? What are you going to do about it?" Hyunjin snapped, not even glancing at Chan. He just didn't want to.

"Hyunjin...don't do this again. I don't want to lose control again." Chan said, eyes glaring at the Luna who didn't seem to back off either.
"Go ahead and lose control. I don't care!" Hyunjin said in a loud tone, chest heaving in anger as tears still dripping down his cheeks. It was just hurting too much...the image-the blood red eyes-that night...it just all came back suddenly, crushing Hyunjin to pieces.

"Hyunjin. Don't make me do something that I would regret later..." Chan tried to threatened but Hyunjin was just too much lost in his emotions and anger to even listen to him. The younger let out a sob, covering his mouth with his hands to stop the loud sounds. He was still a Luna...he can't let anyone hear him cry like that.
"Hyunjin...just tell me, okay?" Chan tried again but the younger only continued to cry in his hands.
"Hyunjin...I need to know about whatever is going on..." Chan repeated himself, voice desperate and carrying an annoyed tone.

"Please...leave me alone..." Hyunjin whimpered, sobs erupting from his throat without a stop.
"Hyunjin...I am trying to work with you calmly right now. Just answer me. I just want to know what is going on. That's it. Just tell me." Chan said softly, looking at Hyunjin with softer eyes than before.
"I don't w-wana talk t-to you...please..." Hyunjin whimpered weakly.

"Hyunjin!" Chan almost yelled at the Luna.
"Don't make me use my Alpha voice again!" Chan added angrily.
"Do it..." Hyunjin whispered, slowly moving his head to finally look at Chan. The other just stared at him with frowned brows, a little confused at why in the world would Hyunjin say that.
"You did it just right n-now...What difference will it make? Huh?" Hyunjin muttered, hiccupping in the mid.

"Hyunjin...don't talk like that to me-"
"Why? Did I lie? Did you just not do it without caring how much it scares me? Why can't I say it out loud?" Hyunjin almost screamed the last part. A sudden wave of anger taking over him from nowhere.
"We both know that I need to know the truth." Chan stated, his nose flaring in anger too.
"Why can't you wait for the right time? I will tell you soon enough. I already told you more than you need to know!" Hyunjin shouted, eyes red and tired with tears.

"Right time? Stop messing with me! One of my Omegas is emotionally broken and the other one keeps on getting sick every morning. I didn't even know Felix was pregnant. Just tell me what else I don't know! How am I supposed to run a pack when you don't even tell me the truth? What do you take me for? Huh?" Chan said loudly, chest heaving with heavy breaths.
"I said I will tell you at the right time-"
"I am asking you to tell me now! Stop pushing me to my edge. You are testing me, Omega." Chan screamed, irises almost turning red.
"Testing you? Really? What else can you do that I have not seen yet? Are you going to show me your red eyes again like you just did? Huh? Is there anything left that you can try on me? I am not scared of you. What are you going to do? Huh?" Hyunjin yelled back with same intensity.

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