Minsung- Littles(2)

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Top- Minho

Bottom- Jisung

Word Count- 3110

Part two of the request. There were some mistakes in the last chapter in Jisung's little speech. I've tried my best to take care of them in this chapter. However, if I am still wrong, please , point it out.


"My parents wanted me to marry someone I didn't know. It's not like I didn't try to understand the situation or that person, I just didn't like the situation. I felt frustrated. Also, I was into the BDSM community and that other person wasn't interested in this. I had to find a way out. I tried talking to my parents, but they didn't understand. Therefore, I ran away." Jisung explained when Minho asked him about why he ran away from his home while they were just sitting and chilling in the living room.

"You shouldn't have run away. It just makes everything messier." Minho said, thinking that there were other ways to deal with the situation. However, Jisung was having none of his arguments.
"There was no other option. I tried talking to that person as well but no one understood." Jisung said, a little loudly.

"You could've tried more."
"I did my best, why don't you understand?" Jisung screamed threw a pillow across the room angrily.
"Yah! Jisung!" Minho said, feeling annoyed at his angry behaviour.
"What?" Jisung replied, clenching his teeth. The older sighed and rubbed his temples, trying to calm himself down before he does something to the sub.

"Will you calm down?" Minho asked in the sweetest tone he could.
"What if I don't?" Jisung huffed and crossed his arms.
"What the hell is your problem? Can't I even scream when I want?"
"Don't push my limits." Minho replied, staring at the ground. The older was trying his best to not snap at Jisung. He was a dominant and this kind of behaviour was naturally upsetting for him.

"You can't tell me what to do!"
"Enough." Minho said loudly and pinned Jisung on the couch under him. The other squirmed under him and tried to push him off but Minho didn't let him at all.
"You are a sub, yet you were testing my limits." Minho said, venom dripping from his voice.

"Let me go!" Jisung whined under him but Minho ignored him completely. At other times, he would've been easily affected by their position, considering that their noses were almost touching. But, right now he didn't want to back down.

"Stop at once, Jisung." The younger boy stopped moving immediately and gulped. He could now feel how angry and upset the other was.
"Good. Now apologize for how you behaved and go into your room." Minho said slowly standing up from his position. Jisung looked down and followed the dom's actions.

Jisung slowly stood up on his feet while still looking on the ground.
"I am sorry. I shouldn't have acted like that." He mumbled softly and the older nodded his head before humming, hinting that the apology was accepted.
"In your room. Now." Minho said crossing his arms. He felt a little satisfied when the younger took slow and steady steps towards his room.

Minho cursed when he heard sniffles when Jisung walked past him. He furrowed his brows before turning around and stopping the little by holding his wrist.
"Jisung, I am sorry. I was too harsh." Minho said, instantly changing his behaviour for the younger. He never meant to hurt Jisung. It's just that he didn't like the way he was treating him. Minho has been nothing but good and kind to him since the two days he has been here. The rude behaviour from the sub just ticked him off.

"No, I shouldn't have acted rude towards you. I am sorry." Jisung replied, his voice cracking with every word. The younger had his eyes fixed on the ground. He didn't want to look up and see the disappointed look on Minho's face.
"Jisung." Minho called him but the younger refused to register his very existence in the room.

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