Chapter 30

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Here is the official last chapter of Marked by the Alpha. Hope you all enjoy and just know, there will be a sequel. I love all my fans who helped get this book noticed and I love you guys for reading and not giving up on it even if it did take a long time to upload.


Xo, zabelle06


As I watched my father’s coffin slowly descend into the ground, a tear rolled down my warm cheek. Weston kept a warm arm around my waist for comfort, which I was greatly thankful for. My hand clutched my brothers own tightly as he kept a straight face, not sure how to deal with all this quite yet. My mom sent us a sympathetic smile, rubbing our backs.

There weren’t many people here at the funeral. In fact, the only ones here were my mom, Darren, Kelly, Weston, Sandra, and me. The sound of the heavy sobs of Sandra filled the silence as she trembled and collapsed onto the floor. I rolled my eyes. Just earlier today, she snapped at the lawyer for not giving her the amount of money she wanted.

You may be thinking, why am I crying?

Well, he was still my dad. I grew up around him and his morals. He was there to wipe the tears off my face when I had a scratch on my knee. He was there as I learned how to ride a bike. He made me my favorite cocoa and marshmallows when I had a nightmare. He was there like any other father.

And just like that, he was gone.

He left this earth with the memory of me snapping at him, refusing to be called his child, and refusing to spend some time with him. Sure, he caused me great pain, he watched as I suffered, almost killed my boyfriend, and tried to kidnap me for hopes that he would find both the Crescent and Stone Pack and the Healers.

But, again, he was still my father.

We left the burial and headed for my house, where we all just sat on the stone bench in the garden and looked at the stars the littered on the black stretch of canvas. My mom excused herself to help Aunt Feli whip up something to eat. Weston and Kelly went inside for a bit to give Darren and I some alone time.

“How’s the Pack?” Darren asked his voice loud in the silence.

“Good, actually. I was strong enough to heal the wounds just a bit, but wolfs bane still infected it. Other than that, it won’t be too serious. In fact, they’re up and at it, trying to train harder this time around.”

“That’s my little sis,” Darren smiled proudly, ruffling my hair. “What’d I say? You are strong. Tell me why again.”

“Because you’re my brother,” I laughed, reminiscing in the times he used to tell me that when I was feeling down.

“What about Warren? You haven’t updated me on that kid.”

After the fight with the hunters, we found that Warren disappeared. It wasn’t hard to find him, though. Weston just sniffed his scent trail and the blood on the floor was a huge indication. He wasn’t too far off either. Apparently, George did try to kill him. Go figure. One hunter stabbed his leg with a spear and he was limping into the forest where we found him washing out his wound in the river.

Weston kind of noticed Warren’s connection to the pack being broken, but dismissed it because he thought it was his way of dealing with his parent’s death. Weston was also angered by the thought that Warren tried to kill his mate, so on instinct, he tried to kill Warren right away. That was until Stacy stepped in and stood up for him although the crap Warren put her through.

Warren had a mental illness where his wolf shut him off because of going against his pack and hurting his mate. This caused him to go crazy. Therefore, he was admitted into a Wolf Camp and won’t be coming back until he had the proper treatment. Until then, Weston promised to welcome him back to the pack because they were best friends. Eli will be taking his spot as Beta from here on out.

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