Chapter 27

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WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT has been displayed in this chapter. Read at your own risk.

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Things had certainly started to slow down.

All the chaos was slowly subsiding. The Silver Bullet hasn’t bothered me in the past two weeks. Weston healed in a matter of days. His incident had actually brought the Crescent and Stone Pack closer and they felt obligated to find the intruder – the person who harmed a wolf in the territory both packs shared. I dismissed patrol duties. I was finally getting enough sleep, but of course, I woke up with a start some nights drenched in sweat and trying to regain my breathing. Weston slept over some nights due to his over-protectiveness of me. Some nights, Darren or Kelly would sleep over. Even my mom did.

I felt week, - like I was being babysat and eventually, I snapped at them. However, they quickly dismissed me with pained expressions. I give it about three months before things stopped completely and my life would go back to normal – sort of.

I was still trying to get used to the fact of werewolves – of Healers. It was hard to believe that something I thought of a myth not even less than four months ago. To conclude and summarize everything I have learned since then, Healers are the highest caste of werewolves. No one knew we were still an existence though. We had the ability to heal any werewolf of course. Every Healer has a specific way though. Some would heal with their eyes, their lips, their chanting, and their saliva even. Mine would be my hands.

Back to the pack, Eli and Abigail did not get together. Unfortunately. I thought since the incident and judging from their scene in the waiting room that they would. However, it seemed like a battle to Abigail. She didn’t know what was the best for her. I later learned she was insecure – she was afraid to give her heart away to Eli again. They found out they were mates when Eli was only fourteen and Abigail fifteen. He was young. He was scared. He rejected her because of it. The other reason was Charles. She loved Charles too. However, I wasn’t going to get in the middle of her problem. It was her heart and her own rightful choice and I respected that.  

However, another pair had finally became a couple. Jade and Jarred were probably the most cutest, but the couple that showed the most public display of affection. Weston would cringe, flinch, and his eyes would dilate every time the two would start to make out. However, I would simply put a hand on his chest, using my ability and calming his racing and angry heart. Basically,the two finally became a couple after Weston’s incident; it brought them closer somehow. Jade gushed about how she found out Jarred was her mate since she was sixteen, but was too slow to actually give his heart to him. This was due to her mother’s death of course.

You’re probably confused on the mate thing. Well, I am too, sort of. A werewolf pair finds their mate unexpectedly – even if they knew that person for the longest time. Another curse was put on them for killing most of the Healers. A twist of fate would happen at any random time, leaving a stunned girl and a speechless boy. Oh, what a cruel world we live in.

Back to the present, I never liked to talk about Weston’s incident. It scarred me for life. However, I forbade it to enter my brain. Sometimes, Weston would joke around about it. Obviously, being alpha and all, he’s used to these kind of things. 

And today, I was going on another date with him.

“I told you I have hands and could open the door myself,” I groaned, slapping him across the head right after I exited my house.

“Ouch,” Weston said, narrowing his eyes at me. He still held the door open to his car. “I just wanted to be nice. You’re so ungrateful.” He playfully pouted, turning his head away like he didn’t want me to talk to him.

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