Chapter 18

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Dear loyal wattpad readers, thank you so much for all the time you have given me to come up with this chapter. Most of you were aware that I had some awful writers block. But here it is, a brand new chapter. Sorry if it drags or if it's boring. I just wanted to update you and let you know where the characters of MBTA stand.


xo, zabelle06


Never in my life have I felt so scared. I was so scared to death that I ended up shaking from it all. My palms sweating as I felt an uncomfortable heat spread through my body. I could literally feel my head spinning as my vision became blurred, black dots obscuring my sight. My ears were ringing with shock and exhaustion.

My breaths came out in pants and I looked at Weston one last time who was currently observing the window, the rock, and the woods. I saw his nose come up close to the rock, sniffing it as his eyes turned a golden color. I was so overwhelmed from it that I let darkness sweep me off my feet.

“Ells!” I heard Weston’s voice echo before I fell to the ground in a heap.


“Oh, my baby,” I heard a feminine voice sob before I felt a peck on my forehead that was all too familiar. 

My eyes fluttered open, my mom finally coming into view. She was seated on the couch beside me, hovering over me in an over protective stance. Her red lips were pulled into a smile, but it was tight as she was trying her best to be strong in front of me. However, I knew it was all an act as I felt her small, petite hands shaking in fear as she moved to push a strand of hair away from my face. Even her eyes, which were swollen and lined with red from the tears that had stained her cheeks, were another confirmation of her worry. She tried desperately to fix her messed up hair because, like I said, she wanted to put the strong parent act up for me.

But, I was tired of her being strong for me. It’s all she’s ever done when she didn’t even want it in the first place. Everyone knows when you’re hurt, worried, or whatever seems to bring you down, all you want to do is scream it out. You want it to let it flow from you physically even if the pain was just emotional and mental.

I tried to stand up but this amazing wave of dizziness hit me to the head and I slightly wobbled, almost falling off the couch. I felt arms grip me and motioned for me to lie down again. “No way, missy, are you getting up just yet,” my mom muttered.

“How are you doing, my baby?” My mom blurted out in a rush, her voice coming out in a high pitch. “Oh, let me go tell Feli that you’re ready for your soup – that’s if you’re ready. Are you ready? I mean, we could wait. Oh, never mind, I’ll go get it.”

As she got up, I gripped her arm, not ready for her leave. The trace of Chanel perfume was comforting me at the moment. She smiled softly at me before she sat back down and looked at something to her right.

“Um, Warren and Charles, correct?” She said politely. I followed her gaze and sure enough, there, sat on the loveseat was Warren, Charles, and Weston – who were squished up together as they tried to be generous and respectful to my mother. I knew why they were here, but my mom didn’t know. So imagine my horror when I saw Warren and Charles shirtless.

I knew for sure that this did not look good to my mother.

My eyes widened and it felt like it was going to bulge out of its eye sockets. Afterwards, my mouth fell open on its own accord. It was partly because I was surprised that they were all caught by mother. The other part was me - being the total teenage girl I am – decided to check them out. And damn, speechless was an understatement. However, I couldn’t help compare them to Weston.

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