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1)      Who is Stacy and why is she so important?

A: Stacy is one of the Crescent Pack’s members. I apologize if I didn’t explain her character. She was introduced in chapter five. Here is the passage:

 [Passage: “Shut the fuck up Jarred. She’s not interested and it ain’t working,” Alex interrupted. I laughed at Jarred and immediately clamped my mouth shut when I saw the whole Crescent pack standing by our table with their lunches. Eli looked at Abigail with a pained expression. Jet looked as if he were going to jump if anyone made a move. Weston’s mouth was set in a thin line and Channing Tatum looked mad. There was one girl that I haven’t seen before. She had white blonde hair that was sleek in perfection. Her eyes were sapphire and her smile was perfect. I looked at her in awe. She was beautiful. Like Jade, they were both smiling. I looked at the Crescent Pack curiously. I could feel the tension in the air. Obviously, the two packs weren’t exactly good friends.

 “Danny, do you want to sit with us?” Jade asked with a friendly look on her face. “By the way, this is Stacy,” she pointed to the girl next to her. “You met all the boys already, right?”]

Stacy has been gone for a long time now. Her necklace was found on the patio floor in Danny’s room when The Silver Bullet had gone into Danny’s room the first time. No one knows where she is. Everyone thinks she’s the Silver Bullet, but they can’t be too sure.  

2)      Who is Sandra?

A: Sandra is Danny’s evil stepmother. She’s basically half of George’s (Danny’s dad) age and hates Danny.


3)      Who is Kelly?

A: Okay, if you asked this, then I don’t know if you’re reading my book right. Laugh out loud, I’m kidding! She is Darren’s wife. Weston believes that she might be the Silver Bullet because once she showed up, things started to happen to Danny.

4)      Who are the Wrodes?

A:  The Wrodes are Danny’s family on her mother’s side.  They are the highest form of Werewolves you can find.


5)      What’s a Healer?

A: A Healer is a werewolf who was born from the moon itself. The difference between a regular wolf and a Healer is that the regular ones were brought up by a curse and is an unbalance in the world’s nature.

 Healers were thought to be extinct due to an army of regulars who killed the population of Healers. However, there was a legend that one Healer had survived. (This is true, because Danny is a wolf).

They are pure white, have a black heart on the forehead, bigger than regulars, and have the same glow as the moon. All these traits only belong to the Healers.

6)      How does the legend in Danny’s family go?

A: One Healer did survive. It was a woman and she mated with a human. Therefore, four off springs have been born half human, half Healer. Because of this mix, the Healer blood skips a generation until the next batch of Healers are born.

7)      Why is Darren not a Healer?

A: Mother nature decided against it. It’s normal in the Wrodes family for this to happen due to the mix of blood.

8)      Is Ella a Healer?

A: She is not. It has skipped her generation so she is only a regular.

9)      Who belongs to what Pack?

A: Crescent Pack consists of Weston (Alpha), Warren (Beta), Jet, Eli, Jade, and Stacy. The Stone Pack consists of Jarred (Alpha), Charles (Beta), Abigail, Dustin, and Alex.

10)   Who is the Silver Bullet?

A: You people are crazy if you think I’m answering that. (: Well, it may or may not be who you are expecting. That’s all.

11)   This book reminds me of Pretty Little Liars. Did you steal their idea?

A: No, I didn’t. I do not see how the girls in the Pretty Little Liars relate to Werewolves. However, dealing with the Silver Bullet and it’s threats, I got my inspiration from the show. Who loves it? I do!

12)   Is there going to be a sex scene?

A: Maybe. Maybe Not. You perverts. Haha! I did receive this question in my inbox. Let me tell you that it’s hard to write. Like, really hard.

13)   Did I really shoot Weston?

A: Yes, yes I did. I was hoping to make you guys mad. Did it work?

14)   How many more chapters till the Silver Bullet is revealed and the book comes to an end?

A: Most likely four chapters till the reveal and seven until the book ends.

15)   Is there going to be a sequel?

A: There is. (:

16)   Are you taking any more questions?




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