Chapter 28

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“Danny, whatever you do, don’t come looking for me,” my mom warned, looking straight into the camera. Her eyes held determination and meaningfulness.

That was until she had to squeeze them tight and let out a scream of pain as the bucket that hung above her spilled its contents. She hissed and screamed, making me jump and want to drop the phone. Her skin began to bubble, steam emitting from her skin. Patches of skin became red. In two seconds, her skin went back to normal.


She opened her eyes again, looking hatefully at something or someone behind the camera. She spat blood out. “What makes you think I will tell my daughter to come here?”

There was no reply and she chuckled dryly. “You’re pathetic,” She spat, almost springing from her seat and tearing the ropes tying her down with her nonhuman strength. However, the wolfsbane was spilled onto her again. I shut my eyes tight, letting her scream that died at the end from her sobs of pain numb my ears.

“Go ahead,” my mom hissed out from gritted teeth. “Kill me.” She then looked straight at the camera, her eyes dilating and patches of fur wanting to come out of her skin. I could see the muscles moving under her arms and on her face. The wolfsbane was holding her wolf back. A single tear spilled out of her eye before she said, “Danny, I’m sorry. I love you and Darren both. Please don’t come after me. I would rather die than to live with the thought of my baby girl buried. I’ll be fine. I’ll find a way to get out of he-“

Wolfsbane was spilled onto her again. I gripped the phone tighter. In the middle of her agonizing cry, the video ended.

It was only then did I realize how my whole body was shaking. Tears soaked my face, dripping down my chin and onto my shirt. My hands gripped my phone tightly, my knuckles turning white. I could feel the blood draining from my body, a cold darkness sweeping over me. But I wasn’t scared.

I was furious.

My eyes were dilating and I could feel my wolf itching to come out of my body. However, I held it in. I had enough with whoever was playing sick jokes on me. They were hurting everyone I loved for a reason I’m not even sure of. To get as far as making my mom suffer made my stomach turn and cause a burning hatred to build up.

I knew what I had to do. I had to find my mom and kill the person behind it all. Even if I die, I die fighting. My mom has done so much for me and now, it was my turn.

Scrolling down the screen to the very bottom of the message, my claws were already coming out. A simple message was on the bottom. ‘Old Gerry’s Donuts Warehouse. 9:30 PM. Fail to show up and your mother dies.’

I checked my watch. 8:00 PM

Stuffing my phone in my back pocket, I strode towards the garage of the Pack House, taking Weston’s keys. Opening their secret cabinets, I stuffed a gun that shot bullets coated with wolfsbane, three grenades, and a silver long dagger that was coated with wolfsbane into the trunk of the Crescent Pack’s back up car.

‘Dear Weston, Dot, Babe, Mate,’ I began to write on a long sheet of paper. I knew Weston was fast asleep upstairs and he would never approve of me going after my mom. He would keep me bound up like some weak person and do the job for me. However, this was a job only I could do. I felt a traitor tear spill from my eyes and soon, more came after. I wiped them away, sobbing quietly. I returned my shaking hand to the paper. ‘This is either a see you later or I’ll come back soon. No goodbyes intended. I don’t feel this is the end for us. Please don’t try to look for me. I will explain everything IF I come back and if I don’t, then I’m truly sorry. And I know you’re probably going to be that selfish idiotic moron you are and come and look for me. I’m not going to stop you. But, please let me do this by myself. My mom’s in trouble and it’s my turn to be independent and stop relying on you. Just know, if I don’t come back, it’s not your fault … It’s mine. But don’t hold on to the thought of that. I WILL come back.

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