Chapter 11

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I can’t believe I was sneaking out. I wasn’t one to disobey my mom, mainly, because I was scared of her. Two, I respected her enough to follow her simple rules. No drinking, no sneaking out, no keeping secrets. Looks like I already broke two of those rules.

I wouldn’t have snuck out if I wasn’t in this situation. Did this mean Stacy wanted to kill me? But why? Looks like I had to wait and find out.

Weston called a last minute meeting at the pack house with both the Crescent Pack and the Stone Pack, excluding Stacy. I had to come along because Weston feared it wasn’t safe to be alone anymore. I gladly took his offer, not wanting someone to come and kill me while I sleep.

The Pack House was small, but cozy. Warren had told me that it was the place they held meetings at and such. The small fireplace was lit up and warmed up the room to a comfortable state. Warren sat beside me on the couch, while Jarred and Weston had a silent conversation amongst themselves.

It was hard to believe that werewolves do exist and that someone was out there to kill me. Specifically, Stacy White. One month ago, Jade introduced me to her. She was beautiful beyond belief. She had white blonde, perfectly straight hair and sapphire eyes that screamed friendly and innocent. Well, I counted her as friendly, because she was one of the people who stood up for me while Weston tortured me to no extent.

But I guess those are the types of people you just have to look out for.

“Danny, just clear your head for now. Stacy will be in a heap of trouble once the Experts find out,” Warren reassured me.

“Thanks for trying to comfort me, Warren. But, I’m sorry to say this, but it’s not working,” I sighed.

I heard distant footsteps and murmuring down the hall. Jade, Eli and Jet strolled in followed by Abigail, Charles, Alex and Dustin. They had serious expressions dawned on their perfect faces and they took a quick glance at me before taking their seats on any chair they found in the small room.

Weston and Jarred strolled in and remained standing. “Okay, so as you all know, Danny is not safe,” Weston said, knitting his eyebrows.

“You’re starting the meeting without Stacy?” Abigail asked. I flinched at the mention of her name.

“Babe, she’s not here. She’s with her mom right now,” Eli answered.

“Don’t call her babe!” Charles retorted.

“Why the hell are we having a meeting with the Stone Pack anyways?” Jet asked, folding his arms in irritation.

“Maybe if you shut up you’d find out,” Alex growled.

“Quiet down!” Jarred yelled over the bickering. The room fell into an awkward silence. “You will listen to Weston.”

Everyone in the room nodded at the two alphas. They had no choice but to listen and follow orders. I still find that fascinating and quite confusing.

Weston cleared his throat. “Danny was almost killed tonight, as all of you know. She also received a death threat. And we might think it came from Stacy.”

The tension in the room just intensified and everyone looked at Weston in disbelief. “We found her necklace in Danny’s room as evidence,” Jarred continued, holding up the necklace. Everyone gasped.

“But, she’s not here,” Eli repeated, shaking his head. “And why would she want to kill Danny?”

“That’s the thing. We think she just made that excuse up so she could make up a plan,” Weston said. “As for why would she want to kill Danny, I wouldn’t know.”

“There is one thing,” Dustin said. Everyone in the room whipped their heads to look at him. I, myself was shocked too. He was hardly the sociable type and didn’t like talking in front of a crowd, even this small. “Jealousy.”

“I think Dustin may be right,” Jade nodded. “Weston, you remember how Stacy liked you since the first grade, but you never gave her the time of day.”

“She was always mad about that,” Warren said and the next thing that came out from his mouth made me turn as red as a tomato. “And Danny is Weston’s mate. It makes perfect sense now.”

“Wait, hold up!” Abigail shrieked, holding up her hand for emphasis. “You’re saying that Stacy is trying to kill Danny because of jealousy? And you’re saying that Danny is the jerk face’s mate?”

“Exactly,” Warren replied.

“Okay, as much as I would like to keep talking about this, I have to get Danny back into bed,” Weston said. Everyone looked at him and gasped, obviously thinking the wrong way.

“Oh, that’s it,” Abigail hissed and tried to march over to Weston. Charles held her back, once again. Her face was red and blotchy with anger.

“Not that way!” I yelled in disbelief. “Gosh guys! I have to get back home before my brother finds that I snuck out.”


I arrived home and snuck into my window, carefully and quietly. Warren and Jarred were on patrol tonight, guarding my house from the outside while Weston happily agreed to sleep over with me. Great, I was stuck with stupid.

After taking a shower and putting on my pajamas, I climbed into bed. I was so tired. I was about to close my eyes, when I heard the bathroom door open.

Light spilled out of the bathroom and it was quickly shut off. “Sorry,” Weston murmured.

I looked at him, only to find him in low hung sweat pants and no shirt. There were little water droplets on his bare chest. He didn’t look like a Greek god, but - Oh. My. Gosh. I groaned and shoved my face into my pillows when I saw him smirk. “Let me guess, that’s what you wear to sleep,” I said. “Can’t you be sincere like me and wear t-shirts and shorts?”

“Don’t pretend that you don’t like it,” he joked. “So, where do I sleep, sweet heart?”

“On the couch.” He was lucky I had a couch in my room. Otherwise, he would’ve slept on the hard, cold ground.

Weston went over to the couch and laid comfortably on it. I was about to close my eyes, but his stupid, irritating voice interrupter me. “Um, can I have some pillows?”

I groaned and threw a pillow at his head. “Ouch!”

After a moment of silence, he spoke again. “I think it would be more comfortable sleeping next to you.” I glared at him. Even in the darkness, I could see that annoying smirk on his face. Then, an idea popped into my head. It was my turn to torture him. Nothing’s sweeter than revenge, right?

I stood up and walked over to the couch slowly. Weston’s eyebrows shot up and he squirmed uncomfortably. I climbed on top of him, straddling his waist. I ran my hands up his torso. I smiled in satisfaction when I heard him groan. “Danny, what are you doing?”

I ignored his question and gave his neck a kiss. He shivered. Just the reaction I was looking for. I almost burst out laughing when I felt a bulge in his pants.

I looked into his eyes and I was so close to his face. My lips were a hairs breath away from his. I froze at first, feeling my heartbeat quicken. However, that wasn’t my plan. So, I smiled sweetly and said, “Pay back’s a bitch.”

I hopped off him and started chuckling quietly.

“Oh, game on, Saunders,” Weston said, completely flustered. I just laughed and rolled my eyes.

Game on, indeed.

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