Chapter 17

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Heeey, new chapter. So, I got over twenty votes last chapter so here’s a Weston POV.

Sorry if it’s not that interesting … :/

Xo, zabelle06




“You stupid bitch!” I heard my father’s voice boom throughout the house. It was slurred and hard to make out – a sign that he was drunk once again. “You are so pathetic!” 

The nights my dad comes home drunk are the nights he thinks of mom, which was practically every night. The rare nights he actually comes home sober are when he’s in a meeting or doing his Alpha Job. It was normal in my house for dad to come home drunk. However, he never came home yelling and getting mad at anyone. He would usually just sulk off to his room and slump down in his bed.

Closing the door softly, I stayed in place and listened to the yelling. My eyebrows scrunched up as I heard the soft cries of the person he was yelling at. He was probably yelling at one of the older werewolves of the pack – most likely for stepping foot in the other pack’s territory without permission.

“You are good for nothing!” My dad continued to yell, his voice shaking the picture frames in the hall. That was the beauty of being an Alpha. You listened to no one, but everyone listens to you and you have complete power and the strongest out of everyone.

“Daddy, please! Why are you yell – “ Jade’s voice was small, laced with confusion and hurt. My head perked up at my sister’s voice. That was all it took for me to come running into the kitchen.

My father’s back was to me as he interrupted Jade’s pleading. “Shut up, you bitch!” Then he looked up at the ceiling, as if he saw God there or something. “You think this is funny? Haunting me with a look alike of my wife?”

Jade was in the corner, trying to get as far away from my dad as possible. I was rooted in place, shocked at what was going on. Her red and puffy eyes met mine as she wiped the tears rolling on her cheek with shaky hands.

My father took a long sip of scotch from the glass cup in his hand. After he finished it, he ran a hand in his graying hair, obviously frustrated. Looking at the glass and to my sister repeatedly, he finally swung his hand back and threw the cup, aiming for the wall right above Jade’s head.

Thanking my werewolf abilities, I ran in front of Jade and caught the glass just before it was about to hit the wall and shatter all over my sister. Taking the glass and slowly putting it down on the counter closest to me, I narrowed my eyes at my father.

“Well, hello son,” My father hiccupped and boomed at me with his Alpha voice. “Now go to your room and leave me alone!”

It should have had an effect on me, because he was Alpha. I was supposed to do what I was told. However, the strange thing was I didn’t. It was as if a new surge of power coursed through my body. I crossed my arms and threw him a dirty look. “No.”

My father looked confused, his smile dropping into a slight frown. His eyebrows shot up in surprise. I just stood there, waiting for his next move.

“Well then, we have to do this the hard way,” he smiled wickedly and started stomping towards us. He attempted to push me away, but I stood my ground.

“Bitch, get out here!” My father yelled at Jade who was behind me still, his face going red.

“Yes, Alpha,” Jade replied monotonously, stepping around me and facing my father.

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