Chapter 15

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I snorted and began howling with laughter. I clutched the sides of my stomach, trying to regain composure, but failing.

Weston chuckled, amusement lining his voice. “What? What’s so funny?”

I snorted again. “Your favorite animal is a dolphin?”

“What’s so wrong with that?” He asked curiously and obviously, he was offended.

I stuck out my chest and lowered the pitch in my voice in a failed attempt to sound manly. “Oh, look, I’m Weston! Macho, manly, and not to mention, I love dolphins!”

I started laughing again, snorting even. I hated my laugh, but I couldn’t help it. Playing twenty questions was actually a blast. I found out Weston liked bacon, his favorite fruits were tangerines, his favorite color was green, and he hated Chuck E. Cheese, claiming that it was an ugly rat and a stupid idea for a mascot in a kid’s place.

He found out that teal was my favorite color, I hated snakes and metal music, bees are annoying and that I had an obsession with lemonade. He also found out I loved charm bracelets.

I all honesty, being with Weston wasn’t so bad. He was actually good company when he wasn’t being conceited.

“So, you’re finally admitting the truth. That I’m macho and manly,” he stated proudly, flexing his biceps. Well, the moment was good until it lasted.

I rolled my eyes and laughed again, hugging my jacket closer to me.  

“You want to know something?” Weston said. He gave me a sideways glance. I looked at him curiously with a small smile on my face.


“You look a whole lot better when you’re not scowling.”

I smirked, not being afraid to hide my blush. “So, you’re finally admitting I look good?”

“Never said you weren’t.” Weston glanced at me again, throwing me a wink. “Can I ask you something?”

“You already did,” I smirked and poked my tongue out at him.

“No, seriously,” He scrunched up his eyebrows. “I – how would you put this – met up with your dad weeks ago and he told me some things.”

Anger surged through me when I heard about my dad. He wasn’t even my dad anymore. He was just a father. He was just someone who brought me to the world, who didn’t even deserve the title Dad. “What did he tell you?” I said, evidently annoyed. I looked at the fire, trying to find something to distract me.

“Look,” Weston sighed. “I shouldn’t have brought it up. I’m sorry.”

I groaned. “No, it isn’t your fault. It’s just that my dad is a total douche bag. I’m serious, though. What did he tell you?”

“Well,” he said slowly, looking at me to make sure it was okay with me. “I bumped into him and he was drunk. He asked if I knew you. Told me he had to let you go because his bitchy wife was worth it. Also, he told me that a boy friend of yours left you for your best friend.” My face fell when all the memories came crashing down on me. “You want to know what I think?”

“What?” My voice came out in a whisper as I stared at a rock on the ground.

“They don’t realize what they’re missing.” I looked at him and saw that he was watching me intently. Everything about that statement came across clear and filled with sincerity. I gave him a small smile.

“Thanks,” I whispered.

“I punched him, your dad, by the way.”

I laughed a little and looked up at him. “Seriously?”

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