Chapter 21

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Hey pretties! Here’s another chapter. Sorry if it’s not as eventful as the last chapter or if it’s not long enough. Please check out Battlefield and my upcoming story, “The Player’s Handbook” if you are interested. And I decided that I will not be doing any point of views from the Silver Bullet because smart people are getting there already and I want it to be a shocker. (;

Xo, zabelle06


I felt my bones breaking - the crackling sound of it roaring in my ears. My screaming and sobbing rang through the night air. I couldn’t think of anything as I felt my sweat slick off my body and the tears rolling down from my eyes that were shut tight.

I screamed again and buckled up as I felt my leg twist in a painful way. It felt like my muscles were being punched at, my bones being chopped up, and my head was going to explode soon. The pain was unbearable and all I wanted was for it to stop.

I felt myself being lifted up and I tried hard not to hit the person, but that ended when I felt my gut being squeezed and my shoulder bone being dislocated. I kept my eyes shut as the person put me down slowly and the dead leaves on the ground poking my back and arms. It would’ve felt painful, but not compared to the pain I was feeling.

I cried again, and rolled when I felt my ribs being messed with. I opened my eyes for a fraction of a second and I could see the world glowing around me. I could even see the spider up on the highest branch of the tree. Soon, I could tell I was in the forest at the back of my house.

I noticed that my dress was tearing, the silk spreading apart as my body seemed to get bigger by the second. I closed my eyes again when I felt the pain in my mouth. It was itchy and I wailed in pain as I felt my jaw being pushed out and stretched. My teeth even felt like someone was trying to pull it out with pliers.

Five minutes later, I felt my body begin to calm down. In fact, I felt great. I felt better than I ever felt. I sighed, but it sounded different to my ears. It sounded more like a huff. My ears perked up and I thought that was strange. However, everything about this night seemed strange. So, I quickly dismissed it and picked up my hand to wipe any sweat on my forehead. I stopped my hand in place to study it. Or might I say paw.

I was confused beyond anything anyone could explain. Looking everywhere, my eyes landed on the pink material on the ground. I could even see the dust on it and tiny grains of dirt on my discarded, shredded dress. Even my shoes were shredded into pieces. Wait, I was in the forest at night. How could I see so clearly?

Then, my eyes landed on a handsome boy with clear blue eyes who was coming towards me with caution. His blue eyes were in shock and something else was written on his face. It was indecisive. It was in between understanding and was that … disgust? I heard my whines coming from my mouth – like a dog whines.

Then I looked at the boy once again and inside my head, all I heard was one word. “Mate.”

Weston’s POV –

I watched painfully as Danny began her change - her bones twisting in unimaginable and painful angles. I wished I could go up to her and hug her but I had to let her do this on her own, like I had done. Trust me. Every time I heard her whimper or cry, I flinch in my seat to get up, but forced myself to sit down. My eyes were tired and my hair was messy from my constant hand that was running through it. Every wolf had to do their first change on their own. It was the only way they could carry themselves for the rest of their lives.

I wished that Ella had told her that this would be happening soon. That she would be turning into a werewolf just like us. I knew ever since that night her bedroom window got vandalized. Ella had promised me not to tell anyone about it.

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