Chapter 22

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Hey guys, (: I hope you forgive me for the late upload. I have to buy a new computer and I just got back from vacation last week. School just started today for me. Well, I'm using my dilapidated laptop that has no Word installed to it so please bear with my grammar mistakes or spelling errors as I am just using the Wattpad document.

Xo, zabelle06


Danny's POV.

"Can I ask you a question?" I asked Weston in a small voice, the events of last night flowing through my head like a rapid river. The pain in my gut still haunting my stomach, my screams echoing in my ear, and the most important part of all. Why did I change into a werewolf?

Weston squeazed my hand, which was intertwined into his. He was shirtless and I tried my damn hardest to stop staring at his chest. He kissed my forehead comfortingly and sighed. "Sure. I'm pretty sure you have plenty of questions after what happened last night."

I nodded and scratched the back of my head, my coarse hair running through my fingers. For some reason, the sliver of light that was able to make it's way into the dense forest seemed so much brighter. I could practically see the dust particles floating around. My sense of smell was inevitable as well. I could smell Aunt Feli's famous caramel nut pancakes in the air even if my house was no where to be seen yet.

"Did I - " I began to ask but was interrupted by the shrill of a bird's chirp that achoed like the sound of screeching tires - only louder this time. I jumped, cringing into Weston. Clamping my hands over my ears and squeezing my eyes seemed like the best thing to do right now.

"Ells, are you okay?" Weson asked, his voice cracking while he rubbed a hand down my back. "i promise it's all going to get -"

"What the hell?" I screamed, even my voice sounded more melodic - more smooth. I stopped, pointing an accusing finger at him.  "Weston Richard, what is going on with me?"

He raised his hands up in the air and scoffed. "Richard isn't my middle name! I don't even have a middle name!"

"Stop changing the subject and tell me what the hell is going on with me," I said, crossing my arms above my chest.

Weston sighed once more, running his hands through his messy hair. "Look, okay, it's not my place to tell you what's going on. It really is not. But, what Iell you is that your mom is hiding things from you that you have the right to know."

"Are you going to tell me what is going on or no?" I said, seething. It was to the point that I grinded my teeth together. That was the line. It was a mere sign that I was pissed off and nobody liked to be near me at my breaking point.

"Can you just wait, babe?" Weston pleaded, grabbing my elbow. I threw his arm away, shocked at my new found strength. I could feel the tears bridging at the corners of my eyes and my lip began to quiver. Weston noticed, his shoulder's slumped and he sighed. "It's just about two more minutes and I promise you won't be in the dark."

"You just don't get it. How I feel?" Why the hell was I feeling so emotional lately?  I felt like an old, grumpy woman on the premenstrual cycle, but on rewind. I wiped away a stray tear. "Gosh, I feel so in the dark on what's happening to me. Do you have any clue on how I feel about not knowing if I'm dying or something?"

"Gosh, Ells. You aren't dying," He simply said, annoyance laced in his voice. He ran a hand down his face. "It's killing me not telling you. Trust me."

"Fine then," I sniffed. Then, I started to walk away, ignoring his constant calling and the way he was walking literally on my heels.

When I reached the back door of my house, the strong smell of pancakes whiffed into my nose and my stomach growled. It was as if I haven't eaten in a year. The sound of footsteps coming down the stairs echoed louder than usual. "Dan-" Mom sweet voice said, but was cut off with the moaning and grunting of pain.

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