Chapter 3

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YEEEEEES, Chapter 3 is up. (: & this is dedicated to her because I lover her stories!


xo, zabelle06.

“Hi, I’m Jade Marshall,” a gorgeous girl came up to me while I was entering the school. I froze and looked at her cautiously. I wasn’t expecting to meet someone this fast and I was actually hoping I didn’t meet anyone at all today. Darn, bad luck just loves me. Jade had clear blue eyes and dark long hair that reached up to her belly button. Her bangs were cut side swept and her smile was stunning. She was also tall and wore a black leather jacket. Her olive skin was glowing in the sun. For a moment, I thought she just came from a photo shoot, but I quickly shook the thoughts away and gave her a small smile. “Welcome to Crawford High, Home of the Lions,” she said enthusiastically and held her hand out to me.

“Hi, I’m Daniella Saunders,” I said, taking her hand in mine and shaking it. I smiled softly at her. “But, just call me Danny.”

“Cool. Sorry if the welcoming thing was kind of creepy,” she said shyly. “I’m part of the ‘Welcoming committee’ here at this school. Since this is a small town, not many people enroll here. Obviously, since the welcoming was horrible, this is my first time.”

“Oh, come on, it wasn’t that bad.” I laughed along with her. We walked into the school and just like the movies, everyone was in their small little cliques. The jocks and cheerleaders were near their lockers, the nerds sitting at the stairs getting bothered by the bullies, the scary students leaning against the wall trying to look innocent, the sluts looking at the mirrors in their lockers … well you get the idea. This school was quite small and the hallways were crowded. It was also old. The lockers were rusting a little, the red paint was faded, and the sign at the entrance of the school was missing the f in Crawford so that it read, “Craw ord High.” It was a public school. I begged my mom for about an hour yesterday to enroll me here because I didn’t want to go to a rich, snobby, stuck up school.

“I already got your schedule and school packet,” Jade said. She handed me my things. I looked around. Panic began to surge through me. I’m going to be a lone and lost and who knows what will happen to me? I thought to myself. Jade must’ve seen the look of horror on my face because she said, “Oh, don’t worry. You’ll get used to it. Plus, I’ll be sticking with you today. It’s part of the job.” She winked.

I opened the packet up. “So, what’s your first period?” Jade asked, looking over my shoulder at my schedule.

“AP Calculus.”

“Oh, that’s A232 with Mr. Jenkins. He’s pretty cool, just gives tons of homework. What else do you have?”

“Second period world geography, third period gym, fourth period literature and, or drama class, and fifth period AP chemistry,” I replied. I scrunched up my nose. “Yuck, I have gym for third period.”

“Wow, I have you for everything except for first and fifth. Looks like you’re my part- oh shit, I got to go,” She said, looking panicked. “I totally forgot I had to do something! If I’m not back by the time the first bell rings, I’m sorry! But, you’re a smart girl, you’ll figure it out,” She called out to me while speed walking down the hallway. Great, I thought, I’m all alone now. I ignored all the stares that I was receiving. I put on a fake smile. Minus well give them something to look at.

I found my locker and opened it up. It was actually pretty clean, I was lucky. I sighed when I was putting all the notebooks my mom told me to bring into my locker. I pleaded with her to leave it at home since it was my first day and I didn’t really need to bring so many stuff. She simply scolded me and said, “It’s better to be prepared than to wait last minute.”

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