Chapter 24

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I crouched down, my fingertips touching the ground near my feet. My flyaway hairs patted down unto my forehead with sweat. My purple tank top was drenched in sweat, making me scrunch my nose up in disgust of the horrible smell emitting from me.

“Go!” Weston yelled as I heard the beep of his timer.

Just like that, I flew from my position, running where Weston had told me to run. I felt the cold breeze hit my face, my bare arms, and legs, causing goose bumps to form. I ran flawlessly, turning to dodge the trees in the forest while I heard the crunching of leaves beneath my Nike sneakers.

My running ability was much better now. I couldn’t even run before, but now I was running like Flash. Prior to my new abilities, one mile was enough for me and now, I was running a total of ten miles. My eyesight zoomed up on things that were in the way, telling me to dodge them.

Right when my eyes caught the orange cone, beckoning me to turn and run back to where I started, I ran faster. My feet was light on the ground, it wasn’t pounding like a normal person. I rounded the cone, running back to where Weston was. 

Once I crossed the cone, I heard the beep of the timer again. I had to put my hands behind my head to open up my lungs. I remember the first time, I had put my hands on my knees, wheezing, and Weston barked at me that I was just straining my lungs.

I looked up, Weston looking at his timer in shock before smirking. “Wow, babe,” Weston winked. “I like fast. Fast is sexy.”

That earned a slap in the back of the head from me. “Stop thinking nasty,” I snapped, feeling my wet ponytail in disgust.  

“Well, if you knew I was thinking nasty, then you were thinking nasty as well,” he retorted, defending himself.

I felt my cheeks heat up and I said, “Ugh, whatever! Just tell me if I broke my record.”

Weston gave me an award-winning smile that made my heart melt. I’ve never had somebody be so proud of me for something this little. He threw the timer in my face, pointing at the time. “Holy crap,” I screamed, jumping up and down and giving Weston a quick kiss on the lips. “Four minutes and thirty eight seconds?”

Once I was able to calm down, Weston smirked at me again, folding his arms across his chest. “Now, drop and give me four.”

“Two pushups? That’s super easy,” I shrugged, already dropping down to my hands and feet.

“Four hundred, babe,” Weston said, amusement lacing in his voice. “After, four hundred sit ups.”

“What?” I yelled, looking at him from the position I was in. “You’re kidding right? I can barely do seven!”

“Do I look like I’m kidding? Besides, you are a werewolf now. Anything is possible. I’m doing this for you benefit. I don’t care if you’re tired, scared, hungry, thirsty, or if you don’t like me,” he said in a falsetto coach voice.

I looked at him stupidly before blinking, “Actually you do.”

“True,” he shrugged. “Just drop and give me four hundred!”

He blew his whistle that he wasted his money on. I rolled my eyes and surprisingly, did four hundred pushups and sit-ups in a breeze. I was on my last ten sit-ups and I felt my stomach muscles roaring in pain and this was the point I was literally slowing down! “Come on babe,” Weston cheered. “Don’t stop now! Ten more! Here, I’ll give you a quick kiss every time you come up.”

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