Chapter 2

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Hi Guys! So here is Chapter 2. (: Enjoy! This is dedicated to LoveEnchantedWinx because her comment made my day. :D


Xo, zabelle06

“Danny!” My mom yelled and ran out of the house engulfing me in a bear hug. I almost fell from the impact. I laughed when she smothered my face with kisses and tears streamed down her face. Her perfume filled my nose and I instantly relaxed. I sighed in contentment. I knew for sure my mother would never betray me. She would never give up on me. This is the first time I smiled in days. I felt so safe in her arms. “You’ve grown so much! I missed you!”

“Mom, you saw me two weeks ago.” I chuckled and sighed again. “I missed you too,” I said seriously. My dad cleared his throat and I scowled. What did he want this time? I turned around and glared at my dad, but he just smiled at me. I narrowed my eyes at him and he just turned to smile at my mother.

“Ella, you look great as always,” My father greeted. It was true. My mother looked gorgeous. She’s forty two and she looked like she was still in her early thirties. Her long straight, dark brown hair was pulled into a tight pony tail and she wore a black dress that hugged her body nicely. Her high cheekbones complimented her black eyes and her red lipstick made her look professional, yet lovely. I looked just like her, except my hair was slightly curled at the bottom making it look like I’ve curled it with a curling iron and my eyes were green, just like my father’s own. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t good looking. It ran in my blood and most of my family members were models.

“Thank you, George. I’ve got a meeting in an hour,” she groaned and looked at her watch. “I hate to leave Danny because she just arrived, but duty calls.” She looked at me apologetically. “I’m sorry. I was hoping I wasn’t going to be busy today. I hope you don’t mind because it’s going to be held in the house.” I looked over at the mansion my mom called home. It was beautiful, of course. She was filthy rich, but she didn’t take it for granted. It was two stories high. Inside, there was twelve bedrooms, ten bathrooms, one huge kitchen, a dining room, a living area, a work out area, my mother’s work shop, a basement, an attic and finally a huge meeting room for when she has meetings for her job.

I shook my head and smiled at my mom. “Mom, this is your house. Stop freaking out. I understand.” She smiled sweetly at me. I saw Feli, one of my mother’s maids coming outside and I ran up to her, hugging her. She was like my Aunt. She had short curly gray hair and she was short and stubby. She had a huge smile on her face that brightened up her whole face. “Aunt Feli, how you doing?”

“Oh, I’m doing fine. No need to worry about me, sweet heart. How ya’ doing?” She smiled, trying to smooth out her hair. “By the way, I made your favorite southern pot pie to make you feel better.”

“I’m alright. Could be doing better. Oh, I can’t wait to eat that.” My mouth watered at the thought of her famous pot pie. She chuckled at my expression.

“Feli, it’s good to see you again!” My dad said enthusiastically, interrupting my conversation once again. He looked at me with a serious look on his face. “Danny, can we talk?”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” I simply said, shrugging. “Mom, I’ll see you inside,” My mother looked concerned. Her hands were knotted together in front of her. She started twiddling her thumbs and she bit her lip. She did that often when she was deep in thought or when she was nervous. I started stalking off towards the main entrance of the house, while Feli followed me, rubbing my back soothingly.

“Daniella Jean Wrode Saunders,” I froze in place when he said my whole name. My back was still facing him and I tensed up. Feli noticed and she stepped away from me. She knew that when I was tense, I was mad. And it isn’t pretty when I’m mad, trust me.  “I expected you to understand. You’re not a child anymore, Daniella.” My father’s voice sounded angry. He was getting tired and impatient with me, which pissed me off some more.

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