Chapter 20

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Wow, this chapter is long, but here it is. And sorry if there are grammar mistakes. Not edited.


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"And finally, the moment you have all been waiting for," Father Gregory has said, smiling widely at the two couples looking eagerly at him. "Um, what was I supposed to say again?" He asked, scratching his balding head, white patches of hair peeping through. The corner of his eyes crinkled in amusement as he smiled wickedly at the couple who was practically jumping up and down with impatience.

The crowd laughed at Father Gregory's sense of humor and Darren and Kelly's impatience. I mean, it was a huge crowd, the church filled with all of our small town's citizens - ranging from a newborn to the elderly who were able to make some history in our town. Even Kelly's immediate family was there, but boy was it huge. She had about seventeen brothers and sisters and thirteen nephews and nieces. Some of her cousins and close friends showed up as well.

My face was screwed up into the utmost happiness for my brother, my light pink tinted lips stretched into a big smile that made the corners of my eyes wrinkle. I was glad that our beauty artist had put own waterproof mascara and eyeliner, because crying and tearing up was all I was able to do this whole procession.

I watched as my brother, who was in a black tux and his hair slicked up messily, encircled his arm around Kelly's petite waist. He looked charming as ever, with his brown eyes twinkling and his face in utter happiness. Kelly wiped away a stray tear, her dark red, long lasting lipstick a huge contrast to her pale and pretty face. Her dress was pretty, with jewels, studs, and crystals that shined across the ivory silk material of the corset top. The dress ended in a big poof that reached the floor, but when she picked it up so she could walk, we saw white pumps with intricate details. Finally, her trail that seemed like a waterfall as it cascaded behind her. Her blonde hair swept into an up do, her bangs curled to frame her face. I had to say the couple looked stunning - perfect.

My mom, who sat beside me on the pew, sobbed silently. She looked at me, before she smiled and clutched my hand in her own. I squeezed her hand gently, as she whispered, "I can't believe he's getting married already. My baby boy ... all grown up!"

I patted her hand and almost laughed, but we were in a church for crying out loud. And I was one of Kelly's bride's maids. If I laughed now, everyone would give me the stink eye.

"Okay, fine, Darren," Father Gregory sighed, slugging his shoulders playfully. "The moment you have all been waiting for or shall I say, the moment Darren has been waiting for." He smiled, adding a dramatic affect before raising his hands slightly and saying, "You may now kiss the bride! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Darren Saunders."

Everyone whooped and clapped as Darren swept Kelly so close to him. They looked into each other's eyes first before their lips met halfway. I smiled as their eyes closed and their arms went around each other. I clapped, loudly, even cheering loudly with everyone else.

They pulled away, everyone clapping again. Afterwards, we took pictures, the flash blinding my eyes. The pictures ranged from family members to close friends, siblings, in-laws, entourage, etc.

When we were done, my vision was completely obscured with black dots. Everyone exited the church and waited in the parking lot that was overflowing with cars - the cars even parking near the road. I had to say this was the biggest wedding I've ever seen in our small town.

"Okay, everyone," Darren yelled, his arm still encircled around Kelly. He raised his other arm in the air, his fist clear to the swarm of people. "Let's party!"

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