Chapter 5

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Danny’s POV.

“I think I can die happy now ‘cause I’ve just seen a piece of heaven,” Jarred said and looked at me with a playful grin on his face. I choked on my stale French fry.

“Are you referring to the French fry?” I asked him as if he was crazy, but I was laughing on the inside.

“Gah! Can’t you just let me have fun for once! That’s already twenty pick up lines and usually they work for most girls! Why are you so good at this?” He asked frustrated, but quickly erased it with a smirk. Oh no, here it goes again. “I wonder what else you’re good at,” he said suggestively, arching his eyebrow in a seductive way. I threw him one of my French fries and it landed on his gray shirt, leaving a spot of oil behind. “Gosh, this was a new shirt!”

“Don’t you have a washing machine?” I asked between laughs.

“Babe, the expensive stuff doesn’t matter. All I want is you,” he said and pouted. I laughed again. I was really having fun with Jarred and the Stone Pack. Yes, you heard me, the Stone Pack. Jarred, Abigail, Charles, Dustin, and Alex made it up. I guess this school runs in packs, not ‘groups’ or ‘cliques’. I asked Jarred why they called themselves ‘a pack’, but he laughed at me like I was crazy.

So, now, here I am eating lunch with them. I was supposed to eat with Jade, but I couldn’t find her. Since I had Jarred for the previous class, I followed him to lunch. The cafeteria was like any school cafeteria on a regular day. It was noisy and the food was disgusting. Surprisingly, the cafeteria was clean. The tables didn’t even have gum underneath them.

I was already getting comfortable with the Stone Pack. They were easy to get along with. Sure, Jarred was always trying to flirt with me but I knew he was just playing around. Not to mention, Abigail and Charles were in their own little world, but I totally understood. They were in love. There was a pang in my chest when I thought about my previous love life. However, I just shook those thoughts away.

Dustin hasn’t warmed up to me just yet. He ate lunch, quietly and looked at me occasionally. It was as if he was trying to figure me out. Alex was busy reading a book. I learned that he loved reading and he wanted to be an author some day.

“Danny, did I ever tell you that you look like a light switch. You-“ Jarred began.

“Shut the fuck up Jarred. She’s not interested and it ain’t working,” Alex interrupted. I laughed at Jarred and immediately clamped my mouth shut when I saw the whole Crescent pack standing by our table with their lunches. Eli looked at Abigail with a pained expression. Jet looked as if he were going to jump if anyone made a move. Weston’s mouth was set in a thin line and Channing Tatum looked mad. There was one girl that I haven’t seen before. She had white blonde hair that was sleek in perfection. Her eyes were sapphire and her smile was perfect. I looked at her in awe. She was beautiful. Like Jade, they were both smiling. I looked at the Crescent Pack curiously. I could feel the tension in the air. Obviously, the two packs weren’t exactly good friends.

“Danny, do you want to sit with us?” Jade asked with a friendly look on her face. “By the way, this is Stacy,” she pointed to the girl next to her. “You met all the boys already, right?”

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