Chapter 19

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So , here is Chapter 19. See, told you guys. (; Well, anyways, you know what to do. Dedicated to the beautiful jls123. Thanks for promoting my book "Battlefield" and dedicating a chapter to me. (:



Slight sexual activity. Read at your own risk or don't read at all.

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“So, um, we’re here,” Weston said, scratching the back of his neck and looking at the spot between my eyes.

Is this boy being serious? The whole ride here, his hands were clutching the steering wheel, making his knuckles turn white. He hardly said a word to me for the whole ten minute drive to the pack house and it was killing me. In fact, I think the only thing he said to me was, “I hope y-you don’t mind stay-staying at the pack house. Jade’s the only one t-there. We h-had to get out of our h-house due to you know, uh, the situation with our dad.” More like stuttered. My response was just a sigh and another eye roll.

I walked towards the wooden door of the yellow pack house, Weston following a few feet behind. I yawned and my eyes were beginning to droop in exhaustion. It was probably already two in the morning and I was afraid we might wake up a sleeping Jade.

Therefore, I just walked in without knocking. I know, call me rude, but waking up Jade was the last thing I wanted to do - especially since what she had went through tonight. Weston seemed to have read my mind – wait, I forgot, he could read my mind – because he quietly shut the door, the little click ringing through the silence. Afterwards, he turned on a nearby lamp so human eyes, specifically mine, could see.

Right when Weston was about to say something to me, his mouth opening and closing a few times, Jade strutted in with her head in a book. Her black hair clipped back messily and her pajamas a bright pink. “Hey, finally, your home,” Her nose twitched, obviously tracing my scent. She looked up and shut her book, running towards me and engulfing me in a big hug.

My breath was knocked off from me as Jade ranted. “Holy crap, D, are you alright?” She asked, moving back from me a little, inspecting my arms and legs. “I heard what happened. You know – pack stuff. Ugh, I should’ve came the moment I heard the news but I didn’t want to cause so much more burden. I’m so so so so – “

“Jade,” I yelled over her rant, gripping both of her wrist in mine. “Relax. I’m fine.”

She blew out a sigh before hugging me again. “I’m just worried about you. Anyways, why are you here? Not that I don’t want you here or anything, because I do. I just thought your mom would’ve wanted you home?” Her thin eyebrows scrunched up, leaving a crease in between them. She looked over to Weston curiously before scratching her face.

I watched silently as they just looked at each other, both of their faces changing expressions every few seconds. It didn’t take me long to realize they were having a conversation by the pack link. I crossed my arms over my chest, not liking the fact that I was out of the loop once again.

“Okay,” Jade sighed, clapping her hand once. I straightened my posture as her blue eyes grew big and she gave me a smile that made me feel suspicious. “You two have fun. I’m just going to go to bed now because man,” She said, stretching her arms and faking a yawn, “am I tired. Good night brother and I hope you enjoy your stay here. I will be in my room if you need me.”

She bound up the stairs after giving me a brief hug. I eyed Weston accusingly which he just returned with a shrug. “Okay, I’m pretty sure you’re tired. So, follow me,” Weston said, breaking the awkward silence.

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