Chapter 25

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Tonight was my first official date with Weston Marshall. It’s kind of hard to believe that this would be only our first date considering that we’ve been together for four months now.  However, he decided to ask me, as corny as it sounds, on a first date for our fourth months as an official couple.

“Hey babe,” Weston said while we walked out of Jenkins class together, slinging his arm across my shoulder. I caught a few glares from jealous girls, especially the ones that had a “thing” with him, if you know what I mean. They were the ones who specifically told me that me and Weston’s relationship would last only like – oh, three hours? Now, they scratch their heads in frustration, wondering why we’ve been together so long. I remember when Jenifer asked me if I put a spell on him or something, trying to spread the rumor that I’m a witch of some sort. Only if she knew the world of werewolves.

“What do you want, Dot?” I said monotonously, trying to slip my binder into my school bag.

Weston decided to purposely trip on my ankle, catching himself before he actually fell and embarrassed himself. I looked at him, confusion clear in my eyes. I blinked a couple of times before his cheeks tinted a dark red and his lips stretched into a smile. “Am I miss –“ I began to say.

“You’ve got me falling for you,” He interrupted with a lame pick up line. “So, will you go on a date with me?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. You know the type where you laugh so hard that nothing comes out until the end? Well, that was me. Tears streamed down my face and I clutched my stomach because it started to hurt from laughing so much. 

I stood up straight when Weston crossed his arms over his chest and pouted, feigning hurt. “It’s not funny,” he said. If possible, his cheeks became a deeper shade of red.

“Sorry,” I said sincerely, a smile forming on my face. I wrapped my arms around his waist and looked up at him. “Are you serious?”

He nodded, averting eye contact. I went on my tiptoes and kissed his cheeks. “I’d love to,” I whispered in his ears.

And that was the story on how he asked me on a date. It was cute that I was able to make him shy and vulnerable. It made me feel special. Like, the only girl that was able to have so much affect on him. I would be lying if he had no affect on me as well.

It was about two hours before my date, my hair damp and drying into its natural slight curls. And I was freaking out. I was nervous as hell. I was trying to look for an outfit for tonight. Let me tell you, it was hard because he hadn’t told me where our date will be held or what we’d be doing. All I know was to where something casual.

My palms were sweating as I rummaged through my closet. My flat iron beeped, causing me to panic for no reason at all due to the cause of paranoia and because it was a sign that Weston was going to be here soon. Someone knocked on my door and I jumped. Yup, nervousness took the best of me.

I shook my head and rummaged through my closet some more. “Come in,” I yelled.

“Hey sis,” Kelly said, skipping into my room, her blonde hair whipped into a messy bun. “Darren told me you have your first date with Weston,” she joked, winking at me. “So, I decided to help much to your brother’s dislike for Weston.”

“Thank you,” I sighed, ignoring the last part. “Help is very much needed.”

 “What are you supposed to wear?” She said, while rummaging through the other side of my huge closet.

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