Sequel Preview

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A preview into the sequel of Marked by the Alpha:

14 months later*

“Hey, Danny,” Beau said, sticking his head into my room. I laughed at his bed head, his light brown hair sticking up in all directions. Obviously, he had just woken up. He ignored me and threw me the phone. I caught it with no struggle. “Darren’s on the phone.”

“Okay, thanks cous,” I shouted as he walked down the hall. I put the phone to my ear and smiled, “Hello?”

“Hey Danny,” Darren replied out of breath, sounding worried.

“What, Darren? You know this is like the third time you called today. I know you miss me and all, but let’s face it, you’re becoming to overprotective. I’m fine. I’m definitely stronger now. Stop getting your panties in a twist and stop worrying about me. I miss – “

“Shut up,” he growled seriously. My mouth snapped shut, knowing what he was about to say was serious.

“Dar, is everything okay?” I said, sitting up on my bed.

I heard as a door shut on his end and hushed whispers. “Darren, what’s going on?” I asked again, this time screaming through the phone as the talking on his end became louder.

“Danny, listen and listen good,” he said, getting to a quieter part of the room. “Jarred just got attacked and he’s in critical condition. He wants you here. You’re his best friend. In fact, all of us need you here. So, I suggest you get packing and take the next flight down here.”

This time, I stood up and paced my room.  “What? What happened?” I gasped, pulling a shaky hand through my dark hair. This wall all too much to digest. I started imagining the worst-case scenarios in my head. “Is Jarred okay?”

“We’re all not okay,” Darren’s voice trembled at the end. I clutched the phone in my hand tighter, knowing what he was going to say next would take the cake. There was a moment of silence before Darren let out a sob. “Mom’s dead.” 

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