Chapter 4

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Haiiii, it's me again with a new chapter.


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I did a little victory dance in my head when I found classroom A232. Yes, I made it just on time, I thought just as the late bell rang. The whole class was filled with students and a few chairs were empty. Some of the student’s were staring off into space while the others carried a bored expression. When I walked to Mr. Jenkins’s desk, everyone’s head perked up and the stares of many eyes burned a whole in my back.

Mr. Jenkins’s was pretty young. He was probably twenty five. He was pretty hot too, but I was too young for him. Not to mention, he was my teacher. I shivered in disgust of the thought of a teacher kissing his student. He had light brown hair that was cut short and he had hazel eyes. His face was perfectly sculpted and he had a nice build. Please don’t tell me the teachers here are hot too, a little voice in my head said. I don’t think I could handle all that pressure.

I neared his little office space at the back of the room and he had his feet propped up on the dark wooden desk. He was staring at his cell phone and his fingers were pressing on some buttons. He was texting? I was surprised to find he looked pretty chill. The teachers at my old school never looked this relaxed and carefree. 

I looked at Mr. Jenkins and he hasn’t noticed me yet. He was still texting on his blackberry. I cleared my throat and he looked up slowly. He smiled and realization dawned on his face. “You must be the new student,” he said. “Daniella right?”

“Just call me Danny,” I said, giving a small smile and nodded.

“Alright class, this here is the new student, Danny,” Mr. Jenkins’s announced to the class. I turned around and gave a shy wave to the class. Some students smiled while some guys checked me out. Ew, I thought.

 “You can sit over there,” Mr. Jenkins pointed at a desk near the windows. “We’re just waiting for some students.”

I sat down in my assigned seat and let out a sigh. I closed my eyes for a while to regain control of myself. Okay, Danny, get a grip, we can get through this. You’re doing great so far. Remember, you are strong, I thought to myself. “Danny, I didn’t know I had this class with you!” I heard a familiar voice say.

I looked to my right and saw Abigail sitting next to me. She had a huge lopsided grin on her face. “Oh, hey Abigail,” I said enthusiastically, smiling at her.

 Five minutes already passed and we still haven’t started class. “So, who exactly are we waiting for?” I asked Abigail.

“The Crescent Pack,” she rolled her eyes at the stupid name. I raised my eyebrow in confusion and she sighed. “The four boys who are always fashionably late. It’s not the whole group, but you get what I’m saying?” I nodded and she continued. “Anyways, they totally hold us back. I want to get into a good college, but with them being late and all, my lessons are cut short.”

“Why don’t you bring it up to the office? They receive a ‘no credit’ for being late all the time, don’t they?”

She sighed again. “Unfortunately, no matter what we do, it doesn’t really matter. They are the richest group in the whole school. The leader’s father founded this school and pays for everything.” The door to the classroom suddenly banged open and the four boys walked in one by one. And of course, all of them were gorgeous. I noticed one of them was the mystery guy who shoved me down this morning. I quickly looked down at my lap, trying to appear unnoticed. “Oh, speaking of the angels,” Abigail said sarcastically, but loud enough for the boys to hear. “They finally graced us with their presence.” 

One of the boys smirked at her. “Babe, I know you missed me and all, but you don’t have to share your excitement with the whole world.” He had black hair that complimented his creamy skin and he had gray eyes that were mysterious. His white button down shirt was rolled up to his elbows and his black straight fit jeans made it obvious that he knew how to dress himself up… nicely. 

Abigail snorted and crossed her arms over her chest. “You wish, Eli.”

“It’s Elliot, babe. Only my friends call me Eli.” Abigail rolled her eyes and snorted.

“Abs, Eli’s jealous because he saw you kissing Charles this morning,” another guy said. He had rusted colored hair and brown eyes. The class was humored by the comeback Elliot’s friend just threw at him. I saw Abigail’s face heat up and a sad expression crossed her face quickly before she smirked at Elliot, who was clearly not happy. I made a note to ask Abigail about this little situation. What? I was a curious girl and I loved gossip.

“Shut up, Jet,” Elliot growled at his friend, who I assumed was Jet.

“Class, settle down,” Mr. Jenkins’s scolded the class, but you could hear the light humor in his voice. “Where are your passes boys? I assume you have a reason to be late, Mr. Marshall?”

The guy that shoved me down this morning just shook his head and smirked. “Mr. Jenkins, you know I’m not the responsible one.”

“Oh, Weston. When are you ever going to learn that being a leader, especially for this group, requires responsibility?”  Especially for this group?  I asked myself suspiciously. So his name is Weston, huh? Sexy. Wait, what? I shouldn’t think like that! I shook the thought out of my head before looking back at the group of boys. My gaze was specifically on Weston. He was totally sexy, probably the sexiest out of the four boys. He had a nice lean body that could be number one on any slut’s list. If you know what I mean. His jet black hair was styled messily and my hands were itching to run through it. His deep blue eyes had a story behind them and I just wanted to stare at them until I figured out what they were trying to say.

Weston saw me staring at him. Ugh, I didn’t realize I was staring at him! What the hell is wrong with me today? A look of comfort passed his face before it was quickly wiped away with a smirk. “Like what you see?” He asked.

I smirked back and said, “If I liked trash, then maybe.” He looked taken aback and the whole class got quite. I hated cocky egoistic jerks. Everyone turned their attentions to me. Then, suddenly, Elliot and Jet were in front of me.

“So, you’re the new girl Jade was talking about yesterday!” Elliot said. “Nice to meet you, I’m Elliot, but call me Eli.” He stuck out his hand and I shook it. Abigail scoffed. It was probably because he told me to use his nickname. “Abs, babe, you don’t have to be jealous,” Eli said looking over his shoulder at Abigail.

“And I’m Jet,” the other boy told me. Jet smiled at me and shook my hand. It was obvious they didn’t take their good looks for granted and they weren’t players who constantly flirted with girls like their life depended on it.

“I’m Daniella, but call me Danny. It’s nice to meet you guys,” I said sincerely and smiled genuinely.

“Okay, let’s begin this class,” Mr. Jenkins called out enthusiastically while many groans erupted from the students.

I watched as Eli, Jet, and Weston took their seats. One guy stayed behind and talked with Mr. Jenkins quietly. He was good looking himself. I’m assuming that he’s the most responsible one. He strangely resembled Channing Tatum. You know the guy from Dear John? And let me tell you, I find Channing Tatum very sexy. He’s my favorite male actor.

The guy walked to his seat and he saw me looking at him. So he smiled and winked at me before taking his seat next to Weston. I looked down at my lap, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks slowly.


Sorry if it was a little boring. This chapter was meant for you guys to catch up on my characters. (: I hope you enjoy them. Also, Eli and Abigail have a different story. I was thinking that I should make a new book after this one based on their relationship. What do you guys think? Should I or should I not?

Hope you enjoyed. <3

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